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March 30, 2023


Leisure is the section where we highlight the intriguing, exciting and all-around fun events and activities happening in Baltimore over the weekend.

The Enoch Pratt Free Library is hosting a virtual book talk featuring Joy Reid and Sunny Hostin. 

Events in Baltimore this weekend: Feb. 5 — 6

Hopefully everyone had the chance to play in the snow earlier this week, but if you’re suffering from a bit of cabin fever (or are starting to get sick of hanging outside in the cold), here are a few fun activities to spice up your weekend. 

Toki Tako features ssam, which is leafy lettuce wraps with meat or other filling. 

Toki Tako brings Korean BBQ to the Rotunda

As a half-Korean who rarely consumes Korean food while in Baltimore, I was excited to see Toki Tako opening up in the Rotunda. Whether or not you’re craving Korean food from home, I highly recommend checking it out: Toki Tako’s Korean food is tasty, accessible and fast. 

Gutierrez offers some ideas for students hoping to safely re-engage with their hometowns.

Reconnecting to my hometown during COVID-19

I’m one of the many who returned back to their hometown for the holidays, and due to quarantine restrictions, decided to stay there for the rest of the semester. After staying in Baltimore for the past couple of months, I’ve felt like a stranger in Miami more than ever. 

Wadsten describes her love for Bloody Mary’s, a tasty drink that doubles as a snack.

Winter cocktails from The News-Letter staff

Holiday season is upon us, and I am ready for you, Mariah Carey. While everyone’s holiday plans look different this year, we here at The News-Letter have got you covered! We’re offering our favorite cocktails to enjoy over the next few months, regardless of which holidays you’re celebrating... provided you’re 21+. 

Abrams offers some fun ways students going home for break can spend their last weekend in Baltimore.

Events this weekend in Baltimore (Nov. 20 — 22)

Thanksgiving Break is just around the corner and some students will be going home to their families, many until Intersession begins in January. If this sounds like you, here are some ways you can enjoy your last fall weekend in Charm City (following COVID-19 guidelines, of course).

Skillful trivia can beget prizes, such as this $25 gift card from Nepenthe.

Four ways to play trivia from your couch

My newest fascination over the past couple of weeks has been trivia, which is partially related to the fact that I just discovered that Nepenthe Brewing Company has trivia every Wednesday. They are currently taking a hiatus due to increased COVID-19 restrictions in Baltimore City, but my team totally won $25 in bar cash at the most recent rendition. 


Milk & Honey Market by Vanguard Coffee near Penn Station is the starting point for a Station North Mural Art Tour this Saturday. 

Events this weekend (Nov. 12 — Nov. 15)

Merritt Clubs is holding a virtual trivia night to benefit Shepherd's Clinic, a clinic that works to provide health care for the uninsured. The trivia will be hosted by Charm City Trivia. $50 for a six-person team. 

The crabby tots at the Point in Fells were a cheesy delight to have alongside pitchers of mimosas. 

Some of the better and cheaper boozy brunch options in Baltimore

Brunch can be served up in many forms, but one of the most appealing facets of a decent boozy brunch is the deals. Drinks at restaurants can get expensive, so if you’re a student doing some balling on a budget, here’s a list of some of the best brunch deals in Baltimore... provided you’re 21+.

Head downtown this Sunday to flex your cornhole skills in a regional tournament.

Events this weekend in Baltimore (Nov. 6 — 8)

Join Pandemic Clothing Company, a woman- and Black-owned business, for its virtual launch party. The launch will feature a DJ, giveaways, mixologist prizes and more. A portion of proceeds from sales go to COVID-19 research, and all attendees will receive discount codes for up to 20% off. RSVP. Free.  


Nepenthe offers flights, giving patrons the chance to sample four different beers.

Nepenthe's menu makes for a fun drinking and dining experience

Enough people have either posted on social media or talked about going to Nepenthe Brewing Company that I felt inclined to get a group together and go myself. Located right off of the Main Street in Hampden, Nepenthe offered a lively atmosphere, plenty of seating and, most importantly, awesome food and beer.

Pine recreates some of her favorite Baltimore activities while spending the semester at home.

If you miss being in Baltimore, try this at home

There may seem to be a never-ending barrage of content posted by Hopkins students who flocked back to Charles Village in early September to escape their hometowns or get the most out of their leases they couldn’t cancel. But many people (including myself) can only watch from afar.

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