by JAKE LEFKOVITZ / The News-Letter
Prof. discusses significance of the Constitution

University of Baltimore law professor Kimberly Wehle presented her latest book, How to Read the Constitution — and Why, at the Hopkins Barnes & Noble last Sunday. In her discussion, Wehle insisted that the challenges the American constitutional order is facing right now are serious, but not necessarily ...


Madonnari Arts Festival in Little Italy reimagines classic Italian art

Pasta is my go-to comfort food. So when a friend suggested this past Saturday that we treat ourselves to dinner in Little Italy, I agreed. It had been a long first week back, and I’d spent too much time on campus. There was also a festival that she wanted to go to, which sounded nice, but I didn’t ...



Football stings Yellow Jackets using defense

The Hopkins football team faced off against the Randolph-Macon College Yellow Jackets on Thursday, Sept. 5. It was the debut of new coach Greg Chimera, who was given the position after the tragic passing of longtime coach Jim Margraff. 


Learning to set boundaries and put my needs first

With the beginning of classes comes the inevitable internal struggle between focusing on academics, being social and getting enough sleep. We all go through the same thing; classwork piles up, and somehow every single party is held on the same night every single lab is due, while every friend you’ve ...

Your Weekend

The Burger Column: The pilgrimage to Duke’s Grocery

Washington D.C., with its buttoned-up political culture and obdurate expectations of conformity — picture bureaucrats, G-Men and rows upon rows of indistinguishably neoclassical government buildings — is not known for its food culture. Compared to a city like New York, where the selection of cuisines ...