2021 Commencement Magazine

To all graduating students: 

Well, that was certainly unexpected.

Starting off 2020, you probably weren’t ready for so many curveballs. Most obviously, a global pandemic turned all our in-person lectures into Zoom calls, moving our desks from our classrooms to our bedrooms. Some of you graduates pulled all-nighters every night to take classes from the other side of the world, while others here in Baltimore were made to spit into little plastic vials three times a week to be allowed on campus. And while all this was happening, you witnessed (and often participated in) a presidential election, protests and political unrest during one of the most hectic and inconsistent years in the Univeristy’s history.

But even before your senior year, it always seemed like something was happening on campus. During your time at Hopkins, you saw the University receive a $1.8 billion donation towards financial aid, the largest gift to a U.S. college in history. You discussed and debated the University’s private police force initiative. You listened as the University confirmed the end of legacy admissions. And that’s just what The News-Letter bothered to cover!

You pulled all-nighters in Brody and made new friends in the freshman dorms. You went to Spring Fairs, lacrosse games, off-campus parties, a capella shows and student productions, dining halls and countless lectures. You hopefully found some time to pop the Hopkins bubble and see a bit of Baltimore. You joined clubs and labs, got internships and part-time jobs, sat down for midterms and finals and made it out the other side. You left your mark on the campus, in one way or another, and it (hopefully) left a positive mark on you.

We at The News-Letter have listened to your class's rants and musings in the Voices section for the past four years, and now we've collected a few final pieces for you to read. From hot pot to cicadas, your peers certainly seemed intent to get a final word in.

Your senior year might not have been what you wanted, and it certainly wasn’t what you expected, but you all made the best of a bad situation. Whether you’re here in Baltimore or reading this from across the world, we’re proud of you. You did it. 

And don’t worry! Those of us left behind at Hopkins will hold down the fort for you. We know you’re going to do amazing things out there. If this past year has proven something, it's that you all can make it through anything.

Muhammad Abidi & Claire Goudreau, Magazine Editors

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