2023 Commencement Magazine

Dear Class of 2023, 

Congratulations, you’ve finally made it to the finish line — though, you may have questioned whether you would at times! You’ve undeniably had an unorthodox college experience: What was supposed to be the ordinary, best-four-years-of-your-life experience was turned into a demanding journey. But you have all prevailed. We hope that the past year filled with in-person courses, live performances and exploring Baltimore with friends has made up for it!  

Besides attending college during a pandemic, you went through midterms, finals, papers and theses this year alone and came out on top. Never again will you have to pull another Brody Learning Commons (BLC) all-nighter, try to sneak into Hopkins Cafe as an upperclassman or complain about BLC coffee prices. Each and every one of you has left an impact on our campus and your underclassmen friends who still have a little more left to go. 

To celebrate you all, the magazine has put together a collection of pieces from our seniors. They contain wisdom, advice and nostalgia for their time at Hopkins. Don’t cry too hard as you read them. 

Once again, congratulations to the Class of 2023! Celebrate overcoming all the obstacles you’ve had to face and look forward to all the exciting things ahead of you! We’re rooting for you! 

Best wishes,

Molly Gahagen and Maria Harar

Magazine Editors 

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