Fall Magazine 2023

Dear readers,

It’s no secret that fall is commonly named as people’s favorite season, and its popularity is for good reason. Fall has such a distinct feeling that other seasons lack — when you say fall, you probably visualize cable knit sweaters and smell apple pie.

As the weather begins to cool and the holidays approach, there are so many ways to celebrate the season. Whether it’s enjoying seasonal treats like apple cider, watching your favorite fall movies or planning a leaf-peeping expedition, there are numerous ways to make the most of everything fall has to offer.

Even though fall often coincides with midterm stress, we encourage you to take time for seasonal activities — after all, fall comes but once a year. This magazine offers a range of fun activities, showcases the media we associate with fall and offers thoughtful reflections on what the season represents for us. Look inside for inspiring autumnal recipes, tips on having a cozy night in and reflections on the cultural relevance of the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

All the season’s best,

Molly Gahagen and Maria Harar

Magazine Editors ’23-24

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