125th Anniversary Magazine

Dear readers, 

In 1896 the first college basketball game was held by the University of Iowa. Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece. The first public film showing in the U.S. took place. The London Daily Mail was founded. Henry Ford drove his first Ford car through the streets. Most importantly, in 1896, The News-Letter started.

This year The News-Letter is celebrating its quasquicentennial. Things have changed a lot at the paper, even over just the past year, and we wanted to take time to celebrate that here in this magazine. 

So we invited back the people who know The News-Letter best: our past editors, writers, cartoonists, business members and everyone in between. 

Past editors had interviews with current editors and wrote articles reflecting on how The News-Letter impacted their lives at Hopkins and beyond. A few of our editors even worked their way through the archives and looked into how The News-Letter got to where it is now: our weirdest articles, the evolution of our print paper and how we found our home at the Gatehouse.

What we’ve assembled here is just drop in the pond of incredible stories our alumni have to share, and we are so grateful to everyone who took the time to get involved in this magazine — we hope it goes some way in celebrating and remembering the incredible things that have happened at the paper over the years.

Here’s to another 125!

Happy reading,

Amelia Isaacs 
Magazine Editor, 2020-21

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