The Cover-Letter 2020

Hello, new Blue Jays!

Welcome to Hopkins! Though it’s not quite the welcome anyone wanted to give you, or the welcome you expected or deserved, we at The News-Letter are so glad you’ve made it to the (virtual) nest.

You’ve done a remarkable thing: Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, you have still decided to charge forward and embark on your journey as Hopkins students. You should be incredibly proud of having the courage to make that decision. It’s also okay if you’re scared. Or confused. Or angry. Or you have no idea how you’re going to figure this college thing out. But I hope you’re at least a little bit excited too.

And here’s a not-so-secret secret: None of us older students have it totally figured out either, especially right now. But what we do have is experience (which you will also soon gain), and it’s taught us some good stuff, if not everything. And that’s what we’re here to share with you in this magazine! Whether it’s how to get through online classes or pick the right major, information about clubs and resources for support, or just general advice on how to find your place and get through four years here, The News-Letter editors have written about it all.

So, use this magazine as a guide, as a promise of all that’s possible during your time here and, most importantly, as affirmation that you can do this and that you belong in the Hopkins community, no matter how far away from Baltimore you are right now.

— Sophia Lola

Magazine Editor 2020-2021

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