Politics and Pop Culture

From Twitter — now X — to The Shade Room Instagram account, it seems like the average person these days gets their news via social media. But is that really the best option? How many times have you been convinced to read this book or buy that shirt because of a TikTok trend you saw or found yourself disappointed by an influencer? Or worse, how many times have you opened your social media apps to catch up on your friends’ lives and instead been bombarded by vitriolic political discourse? If you’re anything like us, it’s a lot! 

Even though all of this may seem overwhelming at times, current events and popular culture shape the world around us and the culture we find ourselves immersed in. From the fashion trends we wear to the media we consume, we are constantly influenced — both passively and directly — by the information we are exposed to and engage with.

We hope that this magazine will showcase how pop culture and politics have become increasingly intertwined and how social media influences our lives in a myriad of ways. Thinking about trends and current events is essential, and we aim to discuss a variety of hot topics in this issue. Look inside for articles ranging from tips on navigating news on social media to analysis of fashion trends to reflections on political events occurring around the globe.

Molly Gahagen and Maria Harar

Magazine Editors

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