To our fellow Hopkins Zoomers,

2020 has been rough. A few months into the academic year, classes went online, students left campus and the year spiraled from there. Rather than dwell on the many low points of this year though, we asked our writers and editors to search for the things that have brought them JOY recently. 

For many, joy has been elusive, or even nonexistent at times, which is why we’ve chosen to gather it in this magazine. Here you’ll find it in many forms: in music, in food, in childhood memories, in small moments of day-to-day life

We hope that when you read these articles, they will also spark joy (hello Marie Kondo) for at least a few moments. If we haven’t inspired you to pick up a new hobby, return to an old one or reconnect with friends, we hope that at least knowing a bit more about the science of happiness and concrete ways to work toward it will help bring a little joy into your life.

From everyone at The News-Letter, have a happy, safe and restful Thanksgiving break!

Amelia Isaacs & Sophia Lola

Magazine Editors, 2020-21

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