Published by the Students of Johns Hopkins since 1896
December 3, 2023

Mission Statement

The News-Letter is dedicated to publishing an exemplary student newspaper according to the strictest standards of journalistic integrity, for the purpose of informing the undergraduate students of Hopkins and for gaining knowledge and experience in the field of journalism. The staff understands the responsibility that comes with contributing to this publication and aims to find the truth and report it fully, fairly and accurately.

The News-Letter aims to:

  • Provide fair and accurate reporting of news in many areas related, but not limited to, the Homewood campus and Charles Village community.
  • Provide an open forum for expression and discussion within the Hopkins community.
  • Serve as an advocate for students, student ideas and student causes.
  • Entertain the student body through engaging, interesting content.
  • Serve as a permanent, reliable record of Hopkins and the lives, actions, sentiments
    and passions of its students at the time of publication.