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September 18, 2021

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Students expressed excitement over the prospect of in-person events later in the semester. 

University hosts virtual Student Involvement Fair

Leadership, Engagement & Experiential Development (LEED), formerly Student Leadership and Involvement, hosted the annual Student Involvement Fair (SIF) on Sept. 3. The event allows Hopkins students to engage with the over 400 student-run organizations and departments on campus.


Each new student is assigned to an FYM, who supports them throughout their first year.

New students reflect on in-person Orientation

The University held Orientation Week for incoming first-years, international students and transfer students between August 22 and August 29. In contrast with last year’s virtual Orientation Week, this year’s event consisted of both virtual and in-person programs.

The policy changes represent the far-reaching impacts of the recent variant-driven spike in COVID-19 cases.

Hopkins announces increased testing protocols for fully vaccinated students

The University announced in an email to the student body on August 27 that all fully vaccinated undergraduate students living both on and off-campus will need to be tested once a week. Previously, fully vaccinated students living off-campus were not required to be tested. Those with approved exemptions to the vaccine regulations will still need to be tested twice a week. 

University leaders plan on expanding asymptomatic COVID-19 requirements in the coming days. 

University to only accept FDA-approved vaccines

In a reversal from previously declared policy, the University announced in an email on August 19 that it will only accept COVID-19 vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which currently includes the Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccines. 

The University cited worsening COVID-19 numbers in Maryland as the reason for reimposing its indoor mask mandate. 

Hopkins will require masks when indoors for all

In a reversal from previous fall semester masking guidelines, the University announced earlier today that it will reimpose the indoor masking mandate and reinstate social distancing requirements for indoor dining. 

According to Branville Bard Jr., his experiences growing up and during his career shaped his opinion that policing should be accountable to the people.

Cambridge police commissioner to start as vice president for public safety

The University announced in an email on July 27 that it has appointed Branville Bard, Jr. as vice president for public safety. Bard will assume the position on August 30 and will be responsible for overseeing public safety operations for the University and its medical campuses and facilities, excluding the Applied Physics Laboratory.

The University expects that the Innovation Fund for Community Safety grantees will serve about 16,000 Baltimore residents.  

Hopkins awards funds to alternative community safety programs

A year after the University paused efforts to create the Johns Hopkins Police Department (JHPD), it announced the nine winners of its $6 million Innovation Fund for Community Safety. According to the University, the purpose of the fund is to bolster community programs aimed at reducing violent crime. 

Individuals who upload proof of vaccination will no longer be required to wear masks in indoor spaces on campus. 

University announces relaxation of mask mandate

University administrators announced updates to its fall health guidelines in an email broadcast yesterday. In line with changes to the citywide mask mandate, individuals who upload proof of vaccination will no longer be required to wear masks indoors or outdoors and may also eat and drink without social distancing. Testing for vaccinated individuals will be required only once a week.  

The University’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to extend University President Ronald J. Daniels’ term by five years. 

President Ronald J. Daniels' appointment is extended through 2029

Lou Forster, the chair of the University’s Board of Trustees, announced a five-year extension of University President Ronald J. Daniels’ term in an email to University affiliates on Monday. His term will now extend through the year 2029. This extension will make Daniels the second longest-serving president in the University’s history at the end of his term.

Several researchers have taken issue with the University's assertion that Johns Hopkins owned enslaved people. 

New research challenges University namesake's ties to slavery

The University announced in December the discovery of evidence suggesting that Johns Hopkins, long regarded as a staunch abolitionist, owned enslaved people. Research conducted by Professor of History Martha S. Jones under Hopkins Retrospective, a program launched in 2013 to investigate the history of the University, contended that, according to census documents, Hopkins had enslaved one person in 1840 and four people in 1850. 

Students had mixed reactions to Baltimore city lifting its mask mandate.

Baltimore to lift citywide mask mandate

Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott announced on June 16 that the citywide mask mandate and state of emergency will be lifted as of July 1. Scott noted that businesses and workplaces will be allowed to continue their own mask mandates. These new mask guidelines came the day after Maryland Governor Larry Hogan did the same for the state. 

Vice Provost of Student Affairs Alanna W. Shanahan worked to craft the University's COVID-19 guidelines.

Alanna W. Shanahan looks back at her time as vice provost

The University announced on June 2 that Alanna W. Shanahan will be stepping down as the vice provost for student affairs on July 9 to work for her alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, as the athletics director. Kevin Shollenberger, the current vice provost of student health and well-being, will serve as interim provost.

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