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October 19, 2021


Hopkins is a diverse university where an incredible mix of cultures, academic interests and personalities coexist and thrive. Here is the section where you can publish your unique thoughts, ideas and perspectives on life at Hopkins and beyond.

#BBJHU: Black Hopkins speaks out

Shortly before the Thanksgiving break, the Hopkins Black Student Union tweeted the hashtag #BBJHU encouraging followers to include it in their tweets about what it was like to be black at Hopkins. And thus began a flood of tweets about the awkward, inspirational, hilarious and straight-up depressing tweets from Black Hopkins, a group of black students and alumni who are known for speaking out about the positives and negatives (mostly negatives) of the black Hopkins student’s experience.

Getting hooked on hooking up

In my mind I told him he could have all my favorite songs and entangled thoughts. He could tell me about the most boring days or play with my hair if he wanted. I said I wanted his voice, his dreams, his stubbornness, his morning kisses (and midnight ones, too), his stories, his worries, his passion, his tenderness, heck, his anything at all.

Five ways to fall in love with Lisbon

On All Saint’s Day in 1755, a huge earthquake struck Lisbon, destroying nearly every church in the city. The earthquake, which wiped out an estimated one-quarter of the population, not only destroyed a large part of the city but also greatly damaged the future of the colonial empire.

Jesus walks at Yeezus' hell of a show in DC

A slim silhouette appeared atop Kanye West’s behemoth onstage re-creation of the temple mount, as the instrumental to West’s iconic “Jesus Walks” began to hum in the background. Everyone in the audience knew what was coming next. The figure gingerly descending the mount turns out to be West’s version of Jesus, a reimagining similar to what anyone would think Jesus would look like: tall, thin, long dark willowy hair and an untrimmed beard. Yup, Kanye nailed it.

Being thankful for more than just food

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, mainly because it is the one holiday during which I know that my family will be cooking a feast and we will all sit around and gossip about any and everything. Every year, it reminds me that I should be thankful everyday for the people I have in my life, especially for my truly amazing parents.

Choosing the perfect circle for social support

When I first arrived on campus, I was told that during freshman year I would befriend a large group of people based on extrinsic reasons (we lived in the same building, we had the same classes, etc.), and then towards the end of freshman or sophomore year, we would split up.

Events that are too cool for our school

Okay, let’s be honest – how many times have you scrolled through your Facebook timeline and seen pictures of your friends at awesome school events that you didn’t even know was a thing until then? One can never doubt the wonderful magical weekend that is Spring Fair, but unfortunately besides that we don’t really have other major school-wide events to look forward to during the year.

Defeating the frustrations of fall fashion

Sometimes, transitions are difficult.  They are especially so when they involve relinquishing my sky-high floral platforms to a horrid Rubbermaid bin labeled “Fall,” and bringing out my now-foreign fur coats, studded leather boots, and cashmere sweaters. And it’s not that I don’t absolutely adore my fur and cashmere; it’s just that when it comes to dressing for winter, well, it’s a bit of a challenge to strike perfect sartorial harmony and emit my personal style while wearing puffy windbreakers and fuzzy socks, as I try to avoid developing frostbitten appendages.

Carry on - but you don't have to keep calm

If someone asked you what was the most commonly said word or phrase around your house, what would it be? For me, it would be “¡Cálmate!,”which means to calm down.  In my house, all ends of the emotional spectrum on touched on a daily basis, but the one that never seems to have had enough time in the spotlight would be excitement. It’s not that amazing events don’t occur frequently in my family, it’s just that we all get so excited for anything.

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