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February 28, 2024


Leisure is the section where we highlight the intriguing, exciting and all-around fun events and activities happening in Baltimore over the weekend.

Take a break from hanging out on the Beach and check out this weekend’s virtual and off-campus events.

Events this weekend (March 27 — 28)

Before we rappel into April showers, enjoy the last weekend of March and the amazing warm weather. Who knew how quickly seasonal depression could be lifted until they were sitting on the Beach at 2 p.m. on a Thursday?

Climb aboard Urban Pirates’ ship and take on the high seas of the Inner Harbor.

Urban Pirates: COVID-19 is the new scurvy

There are several classic tropes about partying in college: the bar you go to with your fake ID; the best, worst and creepiest fraternities; and the postgame where everyone tries to forget their night. For college students in Baltimore, there is one more locale to add to that list: Urban Pirates. 

Poe’s Magic in downtown Baltimore is hosting virtual, interactive performances.

Events this weekend (March 19 — 21)

Take advantage of the extra hour of sunlight (okay, maybe it’s not actually an extra hour, but an extra hour in the evening) to enjoy all the fun events that Baltimore has to offer.

You don't have to be a fan of outer space to enjoy comfort food from this Hampden joint.

Rocket to Venus offers delicious food in a creative setting

When you think about space and rocket ships, Baltimore might not be the first place that comes to mind. Back in 1928, however, three close friends tasked themselves with building a rocket ship. They didn’t aspire to go to the moon: They wanted to go to Venus. And while these three Baltimore residents might have never actually made it to space, they did inspire an eccentric and delicious restaurant in Hampden. 

There is no better way to celebrate Pi Day than by making some pie.

Events this weekend (March 11 — 14)

We may be losing an hour to Daylight Saving on Sunday, but that just means you should live the rest of your slightly shortened weekend to the fullest. Whether you’re participating in science trivia or virtually attending a racial justice concert, here are our upcoming events this weekend as we move into spring.  

Some members of Captain Shmule play outside in September 2019.

Hopkins band Captain Shmule cooks up debut album

The month is April. The year is 2020. Overwhelmed by my newfound abundance of free time, I forced my left hand into a contorted grip on a borrowed guitar. Lacking the confidence that my fingers were placed on the correct strings, I performed a hesitant strum. 

Whether you want to bake or are more interested in watching other people bake, hop on Zoom to see chefs make king cake.

Events this weekend (March 5 — 6)

As we barrel into March, don’t let yourself get too down about midterm season. You don’t even have to go outside in order to entertain yourself this weekend — learn to make a hurricane cocktail or get in touch with your spooky side with Eastern Shore Paranormal all in the comfort of your own home. 

Even during COVID-19, the Maryland Science Center has sought to connect with the community through their virtual weekly Friday movie nights.

Events this weekend (Feb. 26 — Feb. 28)

Midterm season is incoming, so take some time to enjoy yourself — especially if you’ve had a long and stressful week. As always, we’ve collected events so you can look for something that tickles your fancy, from online Dungeons & Dragons improv to watching The Martian with a science activity.

One of Pine's favorite purchases from eBay is this dress.

Recreating meaning: a guide to eBay and pandemic window shopping

There came a point during quarantine where I found myself on eBay for at least four hours every night. I scrolled through pages and pages of search terms like “Penny Lane Almost Famous jacket brown,” “1960s lace nightgown full-length pink floral” and “patterned wicker basket big picnic.” There was something comforting about navigating the website’s interface, which at first seems designed to make finding and purchasing listings impossible, that provided me a feeling of comfort and ease.

Buckle up for more snow in Baltimore with these virtual recommendations.

(Virtual) events this weekend in Baltimore: Feb. 12 — 14

Even though the school will be lifting the current restriction on all gatherings of any size this Thursday, we at The News-Letter ask that our readers be respectful of Baltimore and attend community events virtually this weekend. But being virtual doesn’t mean you can’t have fun — take a look!

Hoehn’s in Highlandtown offers delightful pastries and doughnuts.

Iconic Highlandtown bakery Hoehn's reopens

Still in a jetlagged daze a week after flying in from Seoul, I got on the outbound bus number 22 at 7 a.m. to get to the mecca of doughnuts — the cruller central. When John F. Kennedy famously declared, “Ich bin ein Berliner” (“I am a jelly doughnut”), he probably was talking about these doughnuts. 

The Enoch Pratt Free Library is hosting a virtual book talk featuring Joy Reid and Sunny Hostin. 

Events in Baltimore this weekend: Feb. 5 — 6

Hopefully everyone had the chance to play in the snow earlier this week, but if you’re suffering from a bit of cabin fever (or are starting to get sick of hanging outside in the cold), here are a few fun activities to spice up your weekend. 

Toki Tako features ssam, which is leafy lettuce wraps with meat or other filling. 

Toki Tako brings Korean BBQ to the Rotunda

As a half-Korean who rarely consumes Korean food while in Baltimore, I was excited to see Toki Tako opening up in the Rotunda. Whether or not you’re craving Korean food from home, I highly recommend checking it out: Toki Tako’s Korean food is tasty, accessible and fast.