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May 30, 2024

Valentine's Day three ways: Midtown

By CHRIS H. PARK | February 13, 2022



Park marvels at the steak from The Prime Rib, Baltimore's resident classic steakhouse.

No meal — including the other recommendations in the three-part Valentine’s Day series in The News-Letter — can hold a candle to the United States Department of Agriculture Prime cuts of beef from The Prime Rib. This is one serious meal. Live music? Check. Tuxedo-donned waiters with cheeky steak jokes? Of course. 

Once you go past the uninspiring entranceway flooded with sterile fluorescent lights reminiscent of a well-lit hospital corridor, you will be transported to a swanky 1940s supper club — finished with leather seats that scream the comfort and decadence of a bygone age. The dining room tells a story, to quote Tom Haverford, “from a book I wouldn't read, but I would watch the movie of.”

And the food.

Although I did not have the pleasure to delve in, the restaurant has an extensive selection of seafood. You can indulge in some escargot or caviar if you’re feeling fancy, or you can stick with some classic crab or oyster dishes. Start off the meal with a salad. The house salad was a no-fuss affair and a great palate cleanser for the main event. 

My date and I shared a 28-ounce bone-in ribeye, the quintessential cut at this restaurant (I mean, it’s in the name). Grilled to a perfect medium-well, the steak was tender — served with grated horseradish and, the cherry on top, roasted garlic. The Prime Rib Steak should be good for two, especially with the sides that come in generous portions.

The classic steakhouse sides are done well. Get the Shoestring Fries over Steak Fries. They are not the stupidly ultra-thin deconstructed potato hash you would find at a sports bar. Crispy, golden brown and the perfect width, they are served the way God wants you to eat potatoes. The Creamed Spinach was a tad runny but still complemented the rest of the meal well.

If you still have room, cap off the meal with a decadent Hot Fudge Sundae. Other dessert options include Crème Brûlée, Basque Cheesecake and Pecan Pie. Rest assured, none will disappoint.

The Prime Rib gets the basics done well. The food is good, the vibes are impeccable and the waiters are funny. Everyone is dressed to the nines. Be warned, however: You will most definitely be the youngest person in the room. Wilfred to your right might be recounting World War II stories. Betty will be talking about the youthfulness of our president. Nevertheless, you are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience there this Valentine’s Day.

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