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December 4, 2023

What could the Hopkins community do to improve student life?

May 21, 2020
“Increase the turnaround time for Title IX cases.”

“Pay more attention to what the students are saying, and act accordingly. One way to do this is to put more funding and emphasis into student life. We could use much more individualized support than what we currently get. Over my years here, I’ve noticed that the administration seems to have become less and less transparent and more and more impervious to student feedback.”

“I don’t think it’s on the school. I think it’s on the students to make the best out of such formative stages of growth. Complain, process, act and love. The institution will always sort of be phony, but the people within it can rise above it.”

“I wish there wasn’t a culture of complaining at Hopkins. I certainly understand why it’s the case; we’re all a bunch of overachievers, and complaining is a way to validate the work that we do in a way that doesn’t seem braggy. Having to leave Hopkins early has helped me realize how grateful I am to have gone here. We have access to incredible research opportunities, are taught by some great professors and, best of all, are surrounded by passionate students who challenge you to be your best.”


“Focus on building a less toxically academic and very GPA-focused environment. Encourage students (including STEM students) to study abroad. The break from Hopkins stopped me from burning out and taught me that higher education doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Fund the fucking arts groups. It’s pathetic. You want to seem like a school that isn’t just for sciencey types, but then you turn around and cut funding for arts groups year after year. If you want to lose the stigma of being solely a science school, actually do something about it.”

“I hope in the future we see an investment in staff retention for all student service offices. Student organizations, student wellness and student support would be able to thrive with stronger and more long-term student-staff relationships.”

“Take measures to be more inclusive and affirming to all identities. Provide more long-term opportunities for students to get involved in the Baltimore community.”

“I strongly believe Hopkins will benefit from the future student center and expansion of the Recreation Center. These have been long-needed additions to our campus to improve mental health. By providing a place to socialize and express ourselves stress-free other than our beloved Brody, we can expect to see huge changes in student life.”


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