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June 12, 2024

How do you feel about graduating during a pandemic?

May 21, 2020

“All of the once-in-a-lifetime traditions are gone. Having to handle moving to a brand new state and starting a new job during a pandemic is overwhelming. But I’m so grateful for the wonderful people in my life who are helping me through it all and trying to make this still a special time in my life.”

“The message to the Class of 2020 is that we are extra strong for getting through this and missing out on our experiences, but we didn’t have a choice. I’d give anything to have a traditional graduation.”

“Honestly, it sucks. Nothing feels momentous. I just submitted my final project via email and with a single click, college was over. I feel like we missed out on so many ‘lasts,’ and I worry that once the pandemic is over, everyone (including myself) will just move on and no longer feel the need to celebrate graduation. I really look forward to the day I can reunite with my Hopkins family for one last celebration.”

“I can do without the pomp and circumstance and boring speeches of a ceremony, but not having a job is sub-optimal.”


“I wish I had known that March 12, 2020, a Tuesday like almost any other, was my last true day of college.”

“I am just grateful that I get my degree and that I have my health.”

“We missed the chance to gain necessary closure on this incredible chapter of our lives, and we missed the chance to say our proper goodbyes to the people who mean the world to us and who have so heavily influenced our college careers and shaped who we are today. I think as time goes on, it will feel less sad, but it definitely stings right now. I’m so grateful to the University for trying to make our graduation celebrations as meaningful as possible. I know Hopkins has built all of us in the Class of 2020 to be strong, resilient, passionate individuals, so we will use our time here and our Hopkins tribe to get us through this roller coaster of a time.”


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