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June 22, 2024

What are the biggest changes you’ve observed?

May 21, 2020
“Increases in disability representation and resources on campus!!!”

“Seeing the Garland sit-in and ongoing unionization efforts from student activists is so empowering and makes me feel proud that my peers care so strongly about societal issues that are larger than themselves but affect the very core of what makes us human. The culture of student activism and a sense of collective humanity have definitely grown stronger at Hopkins.”


“There has been a lot of construction, but I think that is a sign that the University is constantly trying to improve and investing its money in long-term projects. Small changes like free laundry, walk-in hours at the Counseling Center and free fitness classes at the Rec Center were also big positive changes that impact the student experience.”


“The faculty and administration have become more involved in student organizations.”

“The removal of first-semester covered grades following my freshman year. Covered grades enabled me to explore classes I might otherwise have thought too challenging and directly led to my declaration of Computer Science as a major.”

“Over my four years, I saw an increase in political engagement and student activism. I remember in sophomore year feeling as though no one wanted to discuss some of the larger issues happening outside of the Hopkins bubble. My junior year, I saw more students taking initiative to start important discussions and take action in the community. Hopkins students are exceptional, and when they apply their skills to social justice efforts, they will undoubtedly change the world.”


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