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October 23, 2021

Ooo got me saying "so crazy" in love

By AMANDA GARCIA | February 7, 2013

Whether it be “that girl has crazy nice hair” or “that boy is acting crazy,” people throw around the word “crazy” in a wide range of situations; its meaning constantly varying based on the context. Growing up in my family, this word was used more often than any other -which definitely says something. The word was mostly said about or directed towards a significant other. The couples guiltiest of this usage were my parents and my grandparents.

I never bothered with or called into question the significance of its reoccurrence until I realized over winter break that calling each other “crazy” allowed them to function as couples.

It sounds strange, and you may be wondering how calling your partner “crazy” can help the relationship. Dubbing your partner “crazy” doesn’t miraculously fix any problems you are having, but it lessens the anger you may have towards them in a frustrating situation. It is giving your partner an easy “out” in the fight; as if you’re telling yourself they are crazy and there is nothing you can do to change the fact, so why get upset? This is how my parents and grandparents function.

When arguing, their fights always end with the closing statement: “you’re crazy.” Like clockwork, there is no more arguing, no more bickering, and daily life proceeds. Regardless of the intensity of the argument, this statement solves the problem. I have seen “crazy” work its magic in fights on the entire spectrum of disagreement; from buying Coca-Cola to paying bills earlier. Now, I’m not claiming that this method will serve everyone, but my parents have been together 20 years and grandparents 50. For some, it just works.

The bottom line is if you chose to be with someone, make it work. Through their peculiar use of the “crazy” phrase, my parents have taught me this important lesson.

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