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April 23, 2024

From Christmas present giving to school: AskMani

By ASKMANI | November 29, 2012

Dear AskMani, What should I get my girlfriend for Christmas? Sincerely, Boyfriend Santa

Dear Boyfriend Santa, I think your girlfriend will appreciate a gift that has a lot of thought behind it. If it’s a pair of shoes, try and get a pair that is her favorite color. If you know her favorite animal, buy a stuffed version of that animal wearing shoes. Also, make sure you include a note that explains your thought process behind the gift and you’ll be good to go!

Dear AskMani, Do you think I can get a good job straight out of college or should I go for a masters? Sincerely, The Job Huntsman

Dear The Job Huntsman, With a Hopkins degree, you can definitely get a decent job straight out of college. However your resume will look better with a master’s degree, whether you get one straight away or wait a few years. Be sure to ask the Career Center; they can give you advice pertaining to the field you’re interested in. Good luck! (I say take a year off and work and use that time to research just how far you can get with your Hopkins degree. If you decide to get a masters then you will have had some work experience and that never hurts.)

Dear AskMani, Why do girls have so many bags and shoes and makeup and stuff? Sincerely, Girls are Gluttons

Dear Girls are Gluttons, Lol, that is a great question. I’m not sure I can answer that in a few sentences but I’ll try. Personally, I love shoes because they accentuate my outfit. Makeup allows me to portray different looks and express how I’m feeling. Fashion in general is an emotional subject for girls because different outfits portray different feelings. Since girls have a lot of feelings, they often like to portray many looks to express those emotions. Of course, it might not be that deep for some people.

Dear AskMani, How do I prepare for next semester since I won’t have covered grades? Sincerely, Flipping out Freshman

Dear Flipping out Freshman, I hope you’ve been preparing this semester already, friend. Make sure you read ahead and ask the professor how to best prepare for his/her class. Study ahead for your exams and take thorough notes. Your advisor and knowledgeable upperclassmen can give you tips about specific classes.

Dear AskMani, I came to Hopkins because my parents made me and I’m not sure what to do after graduation. Any ideas? Sincerely, No Spine

Dear No Spine, By now, after at least a semester at Hopkins, you should have some idea of what interests you. You can apply for a masters or a job in that field. Taking a year off to gain experience is an option as well.

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