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October 28, 2021

Being unobservant goes to a whole new level

By AMANDA GARCIA | November 15, 2012

Everyone at one point or another has completely missed something that was right in front of their face. I’m talking about things like looking past a friend when walking around. This happens fairly frequently to me since I have a severe daydreaming tendency, but it had never been to the point where I didn’t notice things on people’s faces until the other day.

While catching up on my Happy Endings episodes I saw that my oldest niece, Ahava, wanted to Skype. I was being summoned to be some form of entertainment since my parents went out to get goodies from Veniro’s and my sister was sleeping. She caught me up on her full week off from school, thanks to Sandy, and the little adventures her, Cirillo and Alex have been on. Once introduced to my home girl Leslie she went on a baby picture spree of my brother and I, which were all unflattering and too long ago for me to even remotely remember. Eventually, after begging her to let me go get food, she showed Cirillo and Alex calmly watching Disney.

Later that same day, my parents Skyped me from my sister’s place. Thanks to Sandy my house has yet to get power back on so it’s an igloo at home. My dad then started telling me about how Alex fell from the car the day before and scraped her forehead on the sidewalk and how she had a huge bump on her forehead. Initially, I was confused. There had been no bruise when I had seen her earlier, but then he got up and put her in front of the camera and there it was, a dark blue circular mass on her forehead. She only made it worse by pouting and blinking rapidly. She is so smart, she knew we were talking about it, so she milked it.

Afterwards, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I missed the fact that my youngest niece had gotten a mark on her forehead and I ultimately came to a conclusion. Our brains are wonderful things that want to help us out, so instead of letting me notice it and process that she had gotten hurt it diverted my attention to other parts of her face to not stress me out and sadden me. Then again, I can’t go and be too amazed by my brain, since it refuses to remember everything that’s said in my classes...

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