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April 11, 2021


Hopkins is a diverse university where an incredible mix of cultures, academic interests and personalities coexist and thrive. Here is the section where you can publish your unique thoughts, ideas and perspectives on life at Hopkins and beyond.

BAMFs of Black History

Though surrounded by much debate as to whether it should even exist, Black History Month allows us to recognize the historical contributions black people have made worldwide, as well as the effortlessly awesome figures that show that black history is full of ... well, BAMFs.

M V B: An album twelve years in the making

The day was November 4th, 1991 when the Irish alternative rock band, My Bloody Valentine, released their album Loveless. Recorded pretty much entirely by Kevin Shields, the main songwriter of the band, it took two years to record and nearly bankrupted their label, Creation Records. Their first album, Isn’t Anything, which was released in 1988, received much positive critical acclaim. It was one of the first albums that stood as a major influence on “shoegazing,” a genre of music that used extensive guitar effects mixed in with indecipherable vocals to create a noisy, yet at times mellow, sonic landscape.

Ooo got me saying "so crazy" in love

Whether it be “that girl has crazy nice hair” or “that boy is acting crazy,” people throw around the word “crazy” in a wide range of situations; its meaning constantly varying based on the context. Growing up in my family, this word was used more often than any other -which definitely says something. The word was mostly said about or directed towards a significant other. The couples guiltiest of this usage were my parents and my grandparents.

A Farewell to Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

It took me a while to write this. About six years and a few months to be precise. It will be difficult to summarize why I love NBC’s TV show, 30 Rock so much, but I will attempt to in this timely reflection of this week’s season finale.

A brave foray into the world of stand-up

I took Adam Ruben’s stand-up comedy course over Intersession. Thanks, Adam! If you saw me in the final show, allow me to say thank you for coming, and I apologize for saying the word “anus” so many times.

Being Canadian in the US: A candid review

Do you drive on the same side of the road in Canada? Is there a time change? Do you have a pet beaver? Do you live in an igloo? Do you have a polar bear? Isn’t it always snowing in Canada? Do you play hockey?

Facebook: Addicted and hating every minute

Facebook is a trap. I’ve never loved and hated something so much simultaneously before. At the beginning you visit it occasionally. Before you know it, it sucks you in and you’re spending the majority of your spare time scrolling aimlessly through its content. Even as I wrote these first three sentences, I found myself flipping to Facebook to check for new notifications. Big surprise, I had none.

Some of the best major label debuts: 2012

With the year almost at a close, it is about that time when most periodicals post those “best of the year” lists for music. Instead of just listing out songs and albums, I’m going to look at some of the best major label debuts of this year. Here it goes:

The holiday’s best and underrated songs

A few years ago, I was in the car with my parents as we drove to Niagara Falls, New York to celebrate Christmas with family. I had put in my earbuds after the tenth rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” I was giving up hope in the variety of song selection on the radio. I mean, I love the classics as much as everybody else. That includes the songs that appear in every singer’s Christmas record, most notably Mitch Miller and the Gang’s “Holiday Sing-Along with Mitch.” I also define the term “classics” very loosely. I consider Mariah Carey’s “All I want For Christmas is You” to be a modern classic. But I find myself cringing after an extended period of time when holiday music is playing on the radio. Enough is enough. We have all been there.

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