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April 14, 2024

Science & Technology

Does dog food alleviate chemo side effects?

In a world where so much has already been discovered, it is common for people to overlook the true potential of everyday chemicals. Similar to how Mustard Gas was used in World War I and then harnessed to become a potential chemotherapeutic agent, many everyday chemical substances possess great potential.

Functional mechanical gears found in insect

As creative as our large human brains make us, the adaptive forces of nature often outsmart us. After all, it was these forces that pushed us to develop such meaty neo-cortices in the first place and made us the smartest species on earth.

Harvard creates matter, light sabers

Until recently, the concept of squirrels dueling with light sabers was a complete work of science fiction and loopy Internet humor. However, now, a team of Harvard and MIT scientists are claiming to have created of a new form of matter — from light. They make an analogy between the newly created “photonic molecules” and a light saber. And they aren’t joking.

Scientists discover genetic basis for handedness

The distribution of right handed and left handed people in the world seem to be random. Different family members can write with either hand, and there are a few of those who can switch between both hands. In most cases, it doesn’t seem to be a trained practice and it just comes naturally for each individual. However, recently, genes that are linked to the orientation of internal organs during embryogenesis were found to play a role in the development of handedness.

Merlin protein prevents tumors

Tumors, both cancerous and noncancerous, can arise when cellular pathways that control cell proliferation and tissue growth go awry. Many ongoing research efforts are underway to identify the crucial genetic underpinning of such pathways.

Largest earthquake ever recorded in Asia

“Not another earthquake!” I am sure that this is the thought that most Japanese citizens would jump to if they heard that one of the absolute largest earthquakes ever recorded occurred earlier this year right on the Japanese sea border. The magnitude 8.3 earthquake rattled the earth below the Sea of Okhotsk, an area enclosed by the Russian, Chinese, and Japanese borders.

JHU uses light to restart the heart

Electrical stimulation of the heart is a common phenomenon. If you are CPR/AED certified, you’ve practiced saving someone’s life using a defibrillator. If you know anyone with a heart problem, chances are they have a pacemaker or have talked to their doctor about getting one. Both defibrillators and electrodes use direct electrical stimulation to correct cardiac arrhythmias.

A mass of students use wifi to get iOS7

If you own a Twitter, you certainly know what day it is today. It’s #iOS7 day, of course. After weeks of anticipation, Apple has finally released iOS 7 to the masses. What is new in iOS 7, and what does it mean for you?

NuSTAR program finds data in black holes

The celestial bodies found on the beaches of southern California have only a secondary priority for researchers at Caltech’s NuSTAR program. The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, is an X-ray telescope designed to focus X-rays from the universe to survey for black holes.

Debunking myths about the Coriolis effect

Water does indeed drain clockwise in the Southern hemisphere. It also drains counterclockwise in the Southern hemisphere. In fact, it drains in whichever way it desires, regardless of geographical locale. I reluctantly came to accept this conclusion after spending a solid forty-five minutes last year draining and refilling my bathroom sink in Brisbane, Australia.

Apple captures global attention with new iPhone

On Sept. 10, Apple hit the stage and unveiled the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Despite the countless leaked documents and photos of these phones, Apple still captured the world’s attention with their new introduction.

Smart watches storm the accessory market

While Samsung hasn’t equipped the new Galaxy Gear with a grappling hook or other Bond-esque gadgets, the Gear is a frontrunner for a new generation of wristwatches that blur the line between smartphone and wristwatch. The Gear, a “smartwatch,” is designed to be an extension of a wearer’s smartphone, piggybacking off the larger machine in a similar fashion to a Bluetooth headset, albeit with a far wider range of utility and applications.

Symptoms of Down Syndrome alleviated

Down Syndrome is the disorder resulting from a partial or complete copy of the 21st chromosome. In fact, another name for Down Syndrome is trisomy 21. It affects nearly 1 in 700 Americans, and crosses all racial and economic boundaries. Down syndrome is an inherently complicated disease to treat with potentially over 300 misappropriated genes on that 21st chromosome.

Are video games the fountain of youth?

In recent years, a new genre of video game has emerged: “brain training” games.  The makers of these games claim that they will improve your cognitive function, intelligence, and attention.  However, these claims have undergone plenty of scrutiny and debate as there has been no published data that supports them. Until now.

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