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February 21, 2024

A mass of students use wifi to get iOS7

By SEAN YAMAKAWA | September 21, 2013

If you own a Twitter, you certainly know what day it is today. It’s #iOS7 day, of course. After weeks of anticipation, Apple has finally released iOS 7 to the masses. What is new in iOS 7, and what does it mean for you?

For the most part, iOS7 is an aesthetic makeover. Apple already has very functional core apps on iOS. Instead of changing what isn’t broken, the company visually refined the entire user experience. For years, many critics have complained that iOS has become stale- and rightfully so, since the only major visual change since iOS 1 (released in 2007) has been the addition of a background picture on the home screen.

Now, with its most recent update, Apple dramatically streamlined the entire interface, replacing the gray theme with white, and changing the font to a more contemporary Helvetica Neue Ultra Light. The use of bright, primary colors contrasted against the white background makes text and icons appear sharp, and also creates cleaner, simpler look. The bright dynamic backgrounds — if you look closely, the bubbles move around — and the rounded number pad lead to a more attractive, fun appearance.

Simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings the control center to the interface. This may be Apple’s response to recent Android toggles in notification menus. With the control center, users can quickly access convenient settings, such as the adjustment of screen brightness and the toggle of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Though a little late to the game, the control center is nonetheless useful and an appreciated addition. The notification center has likewise been updated. Now, users are able to see their events in chronological order under the “today” panel, which shows the day’s calendar. This is, for many people, a much more intuitive approach to notifications.

The stock camera app also underwent a major overhaul in both appearance and functionality. Now, it is much easier to toggle between picture, movie, and panorama mode. Users can also actively filter photos while taking them.

Students at Hopkins seem to be very eager to use iOS7. When its release was announced, a mass of students were found updating their software during their breaks and class. Vaisak Nair, a senior at Hopkins, was one of them, quickly downloading the software upon hearing of its release.

“I personally think the new iOS7 is a visually stunning product. It was about time for Apple to redesign their interface, and they’ve successfully come out with a product that emphasizes colors, organization, and simplicity. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much improvement in the functional value of the new operating system compared to the former, which is a little disappointing. But I think their additions, like the Control Center and Itunes Radio, are a step in the right direction,” Nair said.

iOS7 was released on September 18. iPhone users can either sync their phone with iTunes to update, or simply download the software over a stable Wi-Fi connection. And of course, what is an iOS release without a new Infinity Blade game? Infinity Blade III is also now available on the App Store. Get them while they’re hot!


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