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February 6, 2023


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Tie won’t feel comfortable returning to the U.S. unless the University outlines comprehensive strategies to assist international students.

Hopkins must take extra steps to support international students during reopening

This week, University leadership announced plans to resume on-campus activities this spring. According to a broadcast email from University President Ronald J. Daniels, Provost Sunil Kumar and Interim Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Mary Miller, students are allowed but not required to come back to campus for in-person classes and research, while the gym and library will reopen with adjusted, reduced occupancy.  

Bali argues that Democrats did not fight hard enough to prevent Barrett’s confirmation.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation is the Democrats’ biggest failure

At the end of her life, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Less than six weeks later, Amy Coney Barrett — a hardcore conservative with only three years of judicial experience — has filled Ginsburg’s seat on the highest court in the United States.  

Letter to the Editor 10/29/2020

If you’ve been online recently, there has been much discussion on the left surrounding the efficacy of voting for Joe Biden. But here is the simple truth: The future of progressivism is, in no small part, hinged on defeating Donald Trump. Now, I will be clear: Voting for Joe Biden is neither the alpha nor the omega. We should be protesting under Trump; we should be protesting under Biden. 

Letter to the Editor 10/28/2020

While I appreciate and encourage your interest in safety issues around campus, I find your editorial to be based on unfounded conjecture, insulting to victims and belittling of the trauma that they have experienced.  

Suppressing negative emotions is bad for you and society

Happiness is a relatively abstract feeling. Jussi Suikkanen, a scholar of philosophy and ethics, defines happiness as “the state we are in when we feel contentment, satisfaction, euphoria and the like.” With happiness, one is so content with their status quo that they no longer feel any need to change or move toward a different state.  

Faced with two subpar candidates and a broken political system, Nelson defends the decision not to cast a ballot while Jin makes the case for progressives and leftists to vote Biden. 

Opposing Viewpoints: Joe Biden is not my hero. You should still vote for him.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not my hero. Following the 10th Democratic primary debate, I publicly shared that I would support any of the other Democratic candidates on stage (barring Bloomberg) over him. I spent Super Tuesday holding signs for Bernie, which included getting spit on and yelled slurs by Biden supporters heading home from Boston's Financial Center. When Biden became the presumptive nominee, my first reaction was that if this were any other country, the Democratic Party — whose candidate did not represent my ideals — would not be my party. But this morning, I still voted for Biden.

On Monday, the Office of Campus Safety and Security issued a public safety advisory about someone’s pants being pulled down in the 100 block of West 39th Street.

Is there really an uptick in carjackings, or is Hopkins trying to promote the private police force?

Last week, the University issued a public safety advisory reporting an uptick in carjackings in the Northern Police District, which includes Homewood Campus. In the report, Campus Safety and Security advised students to be aware of their surroundings, and if they are the victim of a carjacking they should surrender any requested property and report the crime as soon as possible.

As wildfires rage on the West Coast, Tie notes that we must remember that Trump isn't the sole culprit of climate change. 

Climate change is a battle against no one and everyone

The recent California wildfire shook the nation as flames redden the sky; record-breaking tropical storms have damaged countless properties and impacted the lives of thousands; temperatures have steadily risen. There is no doubt climate change is wreaking increasing amounts of havoc on the world every day despite denial and conspiracy theories. 

Hopkins must do more to honor Indigenous peoples

Hopkins celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday, marking the third time that the University has recognized the holiday. The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Indigenous Students at Hopkins (ISH) led the celebrations, including a virtual pow wow. ISH shared dances by Indigenous peoples from all over the Americas on social media. 

Biases in facial recognition tools could lead to false accusations and arrests.

Facial recognition technology isn't ready for police use

Last month I discussed how some nightmares of tech-noir films are becoming reality. As an advocate for artificial intelligence (AI), my last intention is to stoke unreasonable fear over new technologies. Unfortunately, I feel I have to sound the alarm again. 

Vote for Joe Biden

There are 26 days until the presidential election. Voter registration deadlines have already passed in 10 states, and the stakes have never been higher — American voters are being asked to choose who will implement the nation’s long-term response to COVID-19. 

Many Americans face undue burden when it comes to voting.

Voter suppression threatens our democracy. Cast your ballot for those who can't.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of utmost distress as I scrolled through photos of “Trump 2020” flags waving in front of my early voting location, the Fairfax County Government Center in Virginia. Trump supporters had gathered only 100 feet away from the building and were chanting “four more years” as voters made their way into the polling center.  

GAGE SKIDMORE/CC BY SA-2.0 / graphic by Lakshay Sood
Trump’s antics failed to impress voters, handing an average-performing Biden the win. 

In Tuesday’s debate Trump lost, but Biden didn’t necessarily win

Presidential debates are a valued political tradition dating back to 1960, when Senator John F. Kennedy debated Vice President Richard Nixon. When most traditions seem to be fading away, and political campaigning is turning into a series of Zoom fundraisers, holding a debate in a somewhat usual manner was a chance for the American people to feel like their country and its political institutions were still functioning. It was a chance to feel normal.

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