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August 1, 2021


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Malcom argues that homophobia, not science, has governed laws around queer men donating blood.

As COVID-19 reduces blood supply, we must put science over homophobia

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has decimated the nation’s blood supply. Amid the closures of schools, churches and other organizations, thousands of blood drives nationwide are being canceled at an unprecedented rate. In addition, social distancing guidelines and shelter-in-place orders have kept people away from blood donation centers. Yet individuals battling life-threatening conditions still depend on a stable blood supply. 

Lynch warns that we must not grant leaders such as Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte too much power.

Governments shouldn't misuse COVID-19 responses for authoritarian purposes

In the age of widespread internet usage, many Americans debate whether they should forfeit their privacy in the name of public safety and counterterrorism. But in the newfound period of the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine, Americans are struggling with the question of how much freedom they should forfeit in the name of public health.

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Covington argues that the senior class suffers from mandatory S/U, and urges Hopkins to change their policy.

Mandatory S/U grading is unfair to senior class

Hopkins announced that all spring semester classes must be graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (S/U) on March 27. I’ve been hurt by the mandatory S/U policy. So have many-to-most other seniors. I would like the policy to include an exception for students graduating in May.

Why we need to listen to other people's opinions

I’ve had the following experience many times, both at and away from Hopkins. If I say that I am a Democrat, or if I voice my opinions toward a democratic ideology, I sometimes get a weird look, a look of suspicion and disgust.

Azmi argues that Sanders offers much-needed change to American politics. 

Why Bernie Sanders' campaign means so much to so many

Hope.  For millions of people, both Americans and not, Bernie Sanders’ “Not Me, Us” movement has given hope that change is possible. The passion people have carried for that hope has been marked as aggressive, naïve and disorderly. 

Hopkins must continue to pay its employees during COVID-19 shutdown

Hopkins is one of the most powerful institutions in Baltimore. It is the city’s largest employer: over 17,000 of its 37,000 employees are Baltimore residents. As a world-renowned university with an endowment of over $4 billion, Hopkins has the means and the responsibility of creating a more equitable economy for our city’s residents. 

THE PUBLIC EDITOR: The guiding stars in a complicated conversation: fact, opinion and trust

Readers have recently seen some of the paper’s first coverage of the protests in Hong Kong, a clash between demonstrators and state forces over China’s executive authority in the city. Though these protests having been happening since last June, they didn’t reach Homewood Campus until Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, two activist leaders of the Hong Kong movement, spoke at Shriver Hall on an invitation from the Foreign Affairs Symposium (FAS).

With Warren no longer in the Presidential race, Park supports Biden.

Why I am supporting Biden

One of The News-Letter editors wrote last week to express her disappointment at the current Democratic presidential candidates. What was the most diverse field of presidential candidates in a primary essentially winnowed down to a field of three, of which two were white men in their late seventies. Since then, Senator Elizabeth Warren, the last major standing female candidate, has suspended her campaign.

Gould and Kaufman support an increase in student voting, despite the Act’s failure.

Student Voter Empowerment Act should have passed in Md.

There’s a lot of talk about low turnout among young voters, especially in the wake of Super Tuesday. Bernie Sanders’ campaign counted on a wave of new young voters heading to the polls and carrying him to victory — a wave that failed to appear, even though Sanders did overwhelmingly win among young voters. 

SGA needs motivated and proactive individuals to join

I don’t know how best to start this. With the Student Government Association (SGA) elections suddenly moved up with such short notice to the student body and beginning on Friday, I find that this may be the most, if not only, appropriate time to air these opinions. Having been a senator for almost a year and a half, I wanted to share some personal thoughts that have stuck with me since last semester about SGA. The views reflected in this piece are mine alone.

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