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February 26, 2021


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THE PUBLIC EDITOR: Making the most of Your Weekend in Baltimore (Hopkins bubble optional)

What is Your Weekend? I’m not talking about the weekend, those horribly magical two days during which you can both take a breather from the last week and work yourself into a panic about the next. Nor do I mean The Weeknd, whose mixtape collection Trilogy remains perennially underrated. And while we’re on music, I should clarify that I’m definitely not thinking of SZA’s timeless sidechick anthem “The Weekend.”

Coronavirus can bring free speech to China

Coronavirus (CoV) is currently spreading all over the mainland of China. It has already constituted the deaths of over 1,100. Since the first CoV case in Wuhan, China on Dec. 1, it has not only brought about 45,000 individuals infected with virus, but has also activated Chinese civic awareness.

Margulies encourages students to take pride in their accomplishments as Bong does in his.

To improve student life, look to film director Bong Joon-ho

This past Sunday, the Oscars honored a historically excellent year of movies and recognized a group of artists at least somewhat more diverse than award shows of recent memory. From Tom Hanks announcing the opening of the Academy Museum, to the many award-winners who sobbed out their “thank you”s, to an emotional “In Memoriam” section, the show was truly a celebration of the passion for storytelling and dedication to their craft exhibited by the filmmaking community. 

Santoro and members of Real Food Hopkins volunteer at Real Food Farm in Baltimore.

All students must participate in meaningful local service

Before I start this article, I just want to say that I love Hopkins. I love the campus, I love the diversity, I love meeting new people every day, I love the Chocolate Chunk shakes with soy milk from Brody Café. However, there are some problems with our service culture that I think need to change quite a bit.

Shua mentions Senator Graham’s dramatic turnaround towards President Trump as a sign to leave the GOP.

Why I decided to leave the Republican party

This has been a long time coming. I wasn’t expecting to change my political party now. I was waiting for a good, strong moment: a few weeks before my state’s primary, perhaps. But I was updating my driver’s license, and the question flashed across the screen: Do you want to register with a political party?

Letter to the Editor 1/30/2020

On behalf of the Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore City (BLLC), I write to address my concerns related to an article that was published in The Johns Hopkins News-Letter (“Panelists talk impact of lack of liquor regulations on black communities”) on November 21, 2019.  

Spring Fair is months behind on planning. What happens next?

Though the semester is just beginning, clubs and student organizations are already deep in planning for their big events of the spring, from the Barnstormers’ annual musical to Homecoming Weekend. It’s impossible not to be reminded of upcoming events – any walk around campus or a scroll through social media features flyers and notifications. 

THE PUBLIC EDITOR: Who appeared in The News-Letter this fall?

When I started recording data on the number of different types of perspectives represented in The News-Letter, I wanted to give editors a benchmark to measure the scope of each week. That’s not to say they should always strive to increase these numbers — at some point, the paper will reach critical mass and just be too full. Instead, I hope it can offer a new way to track coverage from one week to the next.


Opposing Viewpoints: There are benefits to SGA's club policy updates

If you’re reading this article, there is a very good chance that you’re actively involved in one or more of the 350 student groups that receive Hopkins funding. That means that you’re likely already familiar with the controversial reforms the University has recently taken in this area.

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