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May 20, 2024


Where to eat vegan in Baltimore

Searching for plant-based options in or around Baltimore is easy with its plethora of vegan restaurants and businesses. Its tight-knit community puts it at the forefront of veganism, with many annual festivals and events. 

Roland Park Bagels is one of the many local bagelries tested by Gebo in her quest for the city's best bagel.

The search for Baltimore's best bagel

I’m from Brooklyn. As you probably know from any conversation you’ve had with a New Yorker, this means that I can’t shut up about the place. It also means that I have a deep appreciation for a good bagel — and high standards. 

Red Emma's is a collectively owned coffee shop, restaurant and bookstore in Mid-Town Belvedere.

Where to find the hottest coffee near campus

This semester, take it upon yourself to explore the Charm City coffee scene. Luckily for students, some of the best spots in Baltimore are just a hop, skip and a jump away from Homewood Campus, boasting tasty coffee and treats that will keep you coming back for more. 

The KitschWich, the titular sandwich of Kitsch, features griddled brioche bread with scrambled egg and American cheese.

At Kitsch, simplicity is elegant and accessible

"Wait, so your favorite restaurant in Baltimore sells... breakfast sandwiches?" I'm 19 years old. I should be old enough to scramble an egg and place it between two pieces of bread. However, the many Hopkins students who consider themselves patrons of Kitsch would dare to disagree. 

This scone recipe is one of Gahagen’s signature treats!

How to make white chocolate raspberry scones

As a self-proclaimed stress-baker, I always have the ingredients on hand to bake some of these simple but oh-so-delicious white chocolate raspberry scones. I have made these treats for just about everything — brunch with the girls, family breakfasts, early morning staff meetings at work and as a treat to buoy me through exam season. My roommate, Abbie, claims they are my best work (she may be exaggerating, but I’ll let her).

Captured moments from a recent trip to the market.

The Magic of the Waverly Farmers Market

A few weeks ago, I woke up bright and early at 8 a.m. on a Saturday to attend the Waverly Farmers Market. I am usually tempted to sleep in and rest on Saturday mornings; however, this particular Saturday, my friend Reese and I were motivated to go to the Bramble Baking booth at the farmers market, which always sells out before 9 a.m. 

TikTok's tortilla hack is an easy way to slightly elevate the dish.

The highs and lows of TikTok recipes

Every Sunday, I get a notification from my phone announcing that my screen time is over five hours a day. A closer look shows that at least a third of that time is spent on TikTok.

Though a bit pricey, The Food Market offers superb American cuisine.

Hampden's can't-miss restaurant rundown

Forget the $20 Uber rides split with friends that are needed to pursue fine dining at the Inner Harbor. Instead, with a simple click on TransLoc, a Blue Jay Shuttle Night Ride will take you to Hampden, a quintessential Baltimore neighborhood whose main drag is home to some of the city’s best dining and bar options.

Six international recipes from international students

Everyone loves food. Aside from being a warm escape from the ever-cooling Baltimore weather, food gives us all something to bond over. Each region of the world has its trademarked delicacies. No matter the ingredients, however similar they are across geographic areas, each location brings its own taste to the table and its distinct palate to the picnic. Each culture revels in its own scrumptious glory.

After many drafts, O'Donnell has compiled her choices for the perfect six-pack of beer.

Six beers I'd include in my ideal six-pack

Over the past year, I’ve gotten very interested in trying new beers. Now, do I have any qualifications to talk about beer? Absolutely not. But I am a human with preferences, and out of the beers I’ve tried, I like some more than others.

According to Wadsten, you don't need to break the bank to drink good wine in college.

Not your freshman year roommate’s André

André: The bottle is ubiquitous on and around the Hopkins campus, not just for its low price but also for its easy-to-drink sweetness. This is probably one of the cheaper bottles you can get at Eddie’s, and it comes in a variety of fun and fruity flavors. In all honesty, though, André is essentially juice.

Tired of drinking straight from the can? Try out these upperclassmen's favorite mixed drinks.

A collection of cocktails

Underage drinking is illegal and The News-Letter does not condone it. Now that that’s cleared up, here’s a collection of some of the favorite cocktails of upperclassmen. If you haven’t yet defined your signature drink, order one of these at your next night out. You won’t be disappointed (probably). 

Whether you prefer ice cream or gelato, Park and Maras have the spots for you.

The hits and misses of Charm City's ice cream scene

Good ice cream is no laughing matter. There are no other culinary joys in life besides ice cream that entail the perfect combination of temperature, flavor and texture. As such, our expedition to determine who offers the absolute best ice cream in Baltimore was a serious undertaking that we approached with the utmost gravity.

Three years out from their orientation (pictured above), the class of '22 has a lot of tips to share.

Freshmen ask, seniors answer

Incoming freshmen asked; we answered! After collecting the Class of 2025’s top questions and concerns, seniors Laura Wadsten, Claire Goudreau, Adelle Thompson, Amal Hayat and Izzy Geada pooled their thoughts together to tell you what you need to know. 

Whether you're interested in journalism, photography or business, Editors-in-Chief Leela Gebo and Laura Wadsten encourage you to join The News-Letter.

Why we joined The News-Letter and why YOU should, too!

When I moved into AMR III on a balmy August day, I knew a couple things: 1) I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life and 2) I was ready to take advantage of all things Hopkins. I applied early decision way back in 2017 (I’m feeling old), essentially hoping Johns Hopkins himself would throw a “life plan” right in front of my face. That came true, kind of. 

The News-Letter has been a staple of University life for 125 years.

Finding our niche at The News-Letter

After logging out of my Zoom class last November, my phone rang with an email notification. To my surprise, it was a reply to an interview request I had sent the day prior to a person I never thought would actually respond.  I have some time before 11am. Here’s my number:

The Gatehouse, pictured above in the 1970s, has housed student journalism at Hopkins for decades.

Putting student journalism in the spotlight

Over the course of the pandemic, The News-Letter transitioned from a weekly, print publication to a daily, online-only production. As shocking as it was for us to see the Gatehouse sit empty for nearly a year, the digital transformation of our production process matched current trends of news consumption — as of 2020, 86% of Americans reported that they accessed news from their smartphones. 

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