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October 4, 2022


Leisure is the section where we highlight the intriguing, exciting and all-around fun events and activities happening in Baltimore over the weekend.

The Blue Jay’s Perch is the perfect weekly excursion for gardeners and plant lovers. 

The Blue Jay's Perch is a perfect opportunity to garden every week

A lot of people have gardens back home, whether it be an elaborate collection of herbs in your backyard or a single, impossible-to-kill cactus sitting on a windowsill. For me, I had to leave a full balcony of succulents behind when I came to Hopkins. Sure, they were slightly overgrown, a little bit unruly and full of spiders, but they were mine, and I had watched all of them grow from seedlings. 

There's nothing better than testing out homemade pasta recipes with your roommates during exam season.

Recipe: Gigi Hadid’s TikTok-famous penne alla vodka

After eating the same grilled chicken and rice for over a week, I knew it was time for a change of pace. So, in spite of two impending midterms, I dragged my roommate and a couple of friends into the AMR III Building B basement to make Gigi Hadid’s famous spicy penne alla vodka recipe (minus the vodka). 

The Abell Street Fair was another success; visitors have yet to be disappointed.

The Abell Street Fair is a celebration of the local community

Last Sunday, I rounded up my brother and my boyfriend to check out the Abell Street Fair. The annual event took place just a short walk from my apartment on Guilford Avenue and within a couple blocks of Peabody Heights Brewery and The Book Thing of Baltimore. I was particularly excited for this year’s festivities, as the last time I attended the fair was back in 2019. 

Editor-in-Chief Laura Wadsten and her boyfriend Alex offer suggestions for Baltimore-based date nights. 

Charm your date in Charm City

It’s the second week of in-person classes, and I’m sure at least some of you are looking to finally have a love life that doesn’t consist solely of movie nights on Zoom and swiping right. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or in a long-term relationship, spending quality time together is a pillar of a healthy relationship. This is where we come in...

Local cafe good neighbor is a serene workspace, perfect for studying or enjoying morning brunch.

Good neighbor, a hidden gem of a café

I’m a self-proclaimed coffee addict as well as a coffee connoisseur. At this point in my life, only the finest and most refined of coffee beans can achieve the Eunice Park stamp of approval. 

Don't let finals keep you from enjoying fun events with your friends.

Events this weekend (May 1 — 2)

Don’t procrastinate this week; get your final essays and projects out of the way early for once. This weekend is packed with some pretty lit events for you and your friends to enjoy before exams roll around.

Sammy's Trattoria offers a wide range of delicious pasta for all Italian lovers.

Sammy's Trattoria: an authentic Italian restaurant near you

I’m a total fan of Italian. If there’s fresh, oven-baked pizza, authentic pasta coupled and an enticing drink menu of quality reds, I’m all yours. I was lucky to check out Sammy’s Trattoria with a friend this past weekend, and I’ll tell you right now that, for two girls treating themselves to some dinner, we had an absolute blast.

You can participate in the return of MARS-A-PALOOZA this Saturday either in person or online.

Events this weekend (April 23 — 24)

Walk to Hampden to buy some crafts at “Baltimore’s Best Yarn Shop” or head all the way downtown to play some retro video games at MAP Technologies. You won’t regret a Saturday spent out and about.

The Wine Collective boasts an impressively delicious assortment of food — definitely don't skip out on the charcuterie boards.

Wine (and food) lovers, The Wine Collective should be your next stop

If you love wine and charcuterie boards, then I have the perfect place for you. As a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, you can bet that this winery will meet all of your wishes and dreams. Located just a couple miles outside of campus is the Wine Collective, an undiscovered beauty of a winery.

If you can't make it to Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens in person, check out their live presentation over Zoom on the basics of daffodils.

Events this weekend (April 17 — 18)

Take advantage of your remaining free time before finals season hits and you retreat to D-Level. Beware of friends who try to lure you into the library on these beautiful days; let’s be real, whatever it is can be done the Monday after.

Stop by Motzi Bread on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for some delicious, locally-sourced baked goods. 

Indulge in local grains at Motzi Bread

Quarantine was the era of the sourdough starter. Throughout the spring of 2020, social media users proudly showed off their creations: a fresh loaf of bread, ready for the world to see.

Grab a couple of pals and bring a furry friend to enjoy a day at Lake Roland, no athletic experience required.

Lake Roland should be your next spring break stop

This past weekend, my roommates and I were craving a walk farther than our tri-weekly pilgrimage to Shriver Hall, our COVID-19 testing site of choice. At the suggestion of one of our friends, we decided to head to Lake Roland. 

Don’t skip on the food at CVP — the delicious bar fare pairs excellently with a few drinks.

Head to CVP to celebrate Charles Village

For years I’ve walked up and down St. Paul Street, buying last-minute groceries at Eddie’s Market and late-night snacks at University Market. But for whatever reason, it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that I sat down at Charles Village Pub (CVP) for the first time. 

Take a break from hanging out on the Beach and check out this weekend’s virtual and off-campus events.

Events this weekend (March 27 — 28)

Before we rappel into April showers, enjoy the last weekend of March and the amazing warm weather. Who knew how quickly seasonal depression could be lifted until they were sitting on the Beach at 2 p.m. on a Thursday?

Climb aboard Urban Pirates’ ship and take on the high seas of the Inner Harbor.

Urban Pirates: COVID-19 is the new scurvy

There are several classic tropes about partying in college: the bar you go to with your fake ID; the best, worst and creepiest fraternities; and the postgame where everyone tries to forget their night. For college students in Baltimore, there is one more locale to add to that list: Urban Pirates. 

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