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December 6, 2022

SGA discusses University amnesty policy and concerns over SDS

By GRETA MARAS | October 29, 2021



The transition to a fully in-person semester has left students both hesitant and excited.

Student Government Association (SGA) listened to a presentation about the University’s amnesty policy and continued discussing the planned Administration (Admin) Networking Event at their weekly meeting on Oct. 26.

Amnesty policy presentation from the Student Conduct Office

Jess Oros from the Student Conduct Office gave a presentation about the University’s alcohol amnesty policy. 

  • If underage students are consuming alcohol and someone among them has become intoxicated to a point of concern, the first priority for all students should be to get help. “If you have been drinking, amnesty may apply for your case and may also apply to the person you’re calling for help for,” she said.
  • The amnesty policy may not apply for repeated or egregious instances like those that result in violence. Sophomore Class Senator Raj Bhatt asked for clarification regarding how many instances the amnesty policy may be applied in, expressing concern that students may not seek medical attention if they have already been granted amnesty before. Oros stated that, “There is not a definitive limit on the number of times amnesty may be granted, and that it depends on the situations and what that person needs at the moment.”
  • Junior Class Senator JiWon Woo and Executive Vice President Breanna Soldatelli raised questions about whether violation of COVID-19 guidelines could interfere with the granting of amnesty. Oros stated that it, “Would depend on what it looks like in the moment and how egregious the violations were, but concerns about safety in the moment are always the priority.”

Admin Networking Event finalization

SGA members continued their discussion from last week about which departments of school administration they would like to invite to their networking event, which will happen in mid to late November. 

  • Junior Class Senator Peter Huang believes that SGA should extend invitations to administrators who have influence on SGA initiatives. Huang intends to advocate for his Blue Jay Joyride proposal, which would be a free Hopkins transportation network that extends to Towson and nearby shopping centers. He hopes to involve Gregory Smith, director of Transportation Services, and staff from the Office of the Dean of Student Life.
  • Several senators stated their desire to speak to administrators from Student and Disability Services (SDS). Sophomore Class Senator Harvey McGuiness believes that SGA should prioritize having a conversation with SDS because, “Students having their accommodations met indirectly or directly applies to all of us.” Freshman Class Senator Jackson Morris raised the concern of people not being able to access accommodations through the office. Sophomore Class Senator Shalala Leny also advocated for inviting SDS, as students have reported difficulty with having SDS transfer their accommodations information to faculty members. 
  • Leny would also like to advocate for expanded access to the Counseling Center for mental health services, about which students have reported issues to her. 
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