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May 26, 2020

Learning how to let go and boss up with Peloton

By KATHERINE LOGAN | April 4, 2019



Logan with Peloton instructor Jess King at the studios in New York.

I first started experimenting with my mom’s Peloton bike after she got one for Christmas my sophomore year. I was initially a skeptic – sure it looked cool, but was it actually going to be a good workout? More importantly, would it be enjoyable enough that I would find myself actually wanting to do it?

A couple of years later, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been converted into a devotee of this bad and boujee hobby. I used the iPhone app while on campus to train for my first half-marathon and recently had the opportunity to take a couple of classes at their cycling studio in New York City, which left me with an even better understanding about what makes it so addictive.

First of all, there’s the music. Whether you’re doing a workout at home, at the gym or in their studio, the instructors will have you feeling like you’re at the club in no time (not to mention if DJ John Michael is there turning up live). 

Then, there’s the instructors, who give each sweat session an almost therapeutic quality with their sermon-like words of wisdom. Robin Arzon and Ally Love have inspired me on many an occasion. I typically finish a workout with them covered in sweat and feeling as though I can conquer the world. 

Meanwhile, last weekend, Cody Rigsby helped me get my life together and called into question why so many women put up with bulls**t from men with some much-needed classics from Kelly Clarkson and P!nk. Others fans of Peloton often profess to crying before during a ride. While I have yet to reach this point personally, I can easily see how it could happen, and can relate to the sense of release, letting go of what’s no longer serving you that it often offers. 

So, if you’re looking for me the next time I’m in New York, you can now add the Peloton studio to the list of places you’re most likely to find me alongside The Strand, Big Gay Ice Cream and Serafina’s. And, should you find yourself in the city, I recommend you give a class a try. You might surprise yourself with how much you like it. 

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