Things I’m looking forward to over break

November 16, 2017

Eating a home-cooked meal

Whether it’s with your friends or with your family, the best part about this break is going to be celebrating a holiday that is devoted to good food. Eat your heart out.

Getting a little down time

Even though professors seem to think that vacation means more time for homework, hopefully everyone will be able to take at least one day off. Work on your mental health, see your family and just generally enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

Black Friday shopping

I think there are very few students who don’t know how to appreciate a good sale.

Seeing the family

Even if it’s just over the phone, use this time to catch up with those people who you never get to see anymore. When you barely have time to eat, I know it can be hard to make time to call your mom, but call your mom!

Watching TV without feeling guilty

Sometime I forget that watching TV does not have to come with the overhanging dread of upcoming assignments. Use this time to catch up on Stranger Things or rewatch some old favorites, all without feeling the guilt of being “unproductive.”

Getting out of the Bubble

While I love it here at Hopkins, it can get more than a bit stifling being trapped on campus all the time. Whether it’s going home or just going out into Baltimore, explore!

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