October Horoscopes

November 2, 2017


Remember that midterm you thought you failed? So did everyone else. The curve is in your favor this month.


Take the time to do the things you’ve always told yourself you would during undergrad. Go to a party, get serenaded or paint the blue jay statue.


Beware the coming Hell Week.


Shake things up, study on A-level instead of C this week.


Take a bath or go for a run. You deserve some self-care time.


Forgive yourself for not getting as much done as you were supposed to. You had fun last weekend, and that’s what’s important.


This is the best time for a confession. That person with the pretty eyes and the sweet smile whose name you’ve doodled into your notebook? You need to ask that person out.


It’s only getting better from here.


Don’t offer to do too much this week. You’ve got enough going on as it is.


You’re feeling creative. Don’t let that energy go to waste! Start that project that you’ve been putting off for forever now.


Dress for the job you want this week, and act like you’re going to get it, too. Bask in positive energy.


Things might not have gone the way you wanted so far, but don’t let that get you down, there are only good things from here.

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