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November 30, 2023

Why you should definitely try Diablo Doughnuts

By RENEE SCAVONE | October 19, 2017


DJELITA PRIATA JAPAN/CC BY-SA 4.0 Diablo Doughnuts is well known for the many different flavors they offer.

If you’re an avid “Your Weekend” reader (here’s looking at you, Dad) you may have noticed a certain Fell’s Point based bakery cropping up with an alarming frequency. Yes, that’s right: It’s time to talk about my doughy little secret.

To be fair, Diablo Doughnuts isn’t much of a secret any more (but I’ve never been one to leave a pun unspoken). The shop, located on South Broadway, is tiny but neat and super well-decorated, with all the organic hipness that Hipsters aspire to.

It’s the kind of place that screams “owned by somebody who can probably draw,” which is true: The bakery was started by a former tattoo artist. In general, the staff at Diablo is quite pleasant, and won’t judge you for spending 10 minutes agonizing over what flavor to buy.

They also make a darn fine cup of coffee, if that’s something you’re into. To be fair, though, I don’t actually know if there’s anything special they do to it or if there’s just something that feels so cosmically complete about a coffee and a donut. It’s like starring in your own buddy cop movie. Or maybe that’s just me.

Like all of Fell’s Point, Diablo is technically easy to get to: Just Uber there. If you’re not into paying for transportation, though, just take the Purple Route on the Circulator to the Inner Harbor stop and walk there along the water front, gazing wistfully across the harbor or Snapchatting the old Domino Sugar building.

Diablo is perhaps most well known for its fantastical flavors; Google search the place and you’ll find a handful of articles talking about their famed “Unicorn Farts” donut. The donut in question is glazed and then coated with Fruity Pebbles. Add a neon drizzle of icing on top and you’ve got a one way ticket to both diabetes and happiness.

If you’re more of a savory type, or at least the don’t-want-my-teeth-to-rot type, I recommend their blackberry lime or blueberry basil. I was especially skeptical of the latter, but have since expanded my donut-eating horizons.

Maybe you’re looking for a more balanced breakfast. If you’re comfortable saying salacious things to strangers in public, go for the “Panty Dropper,” a donut with bacon on top. I’ve never had it myself, both because I don’t eat bacon and because I hate the word “panty,” but I’ve heard many good things.

There are two bad things about Diablo. First and foremost: their insistence on spelling “donut” in a super bougie way. Second, and perhaps more important, they’re a little bit pricey. $2.50-$3.00 is a little much for a single donut, but hey: Sea levels are rising, the bees are dying and we could get nuked any minute. The world is a mess. Treat yourself.

For a long time I was also under the impression that there was a third bad thing: They’re known for selling out early. When I first heard that their donuts went like hot cakes (hot donuts?), I made it my mission to get there as close to their 7 a.m. opening time as I possibly could on a Saturday morning, aka 9 o’clock.

Imagine my surprise when not only did they have dozens of donuts to spare, but there wasn’t even a line! Indeed, don’t let rumors of quick turnaround fool you: If you can drag yourself to that 9 to 5 internship, you can make it to Diablo in time to eat a delicious, delicious breakfast.

Of course, if you aren’t much of an early riser, you may run into issues: Even if they don’t sell out, Diablo closes at 3 on the weekends and 1 on weekdays. That being said, Diablo is definitely worth the trip.

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