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September 30, 2022

Strange noise heard on D-level

By IZZY CUMMINGS | April 1, 2016


PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE Students have been reporting strange noises coming from D Level, MSE Library’s quietest floor.

Several reports of strange noises on D-level have surfaced within the last month, prompting the launch of a full investigation on behalf of Campus Safety and Security. The first major incident occurred on March 9, during midterms week, when students erupted in panic over a loud grunting sound.

Sophomore Noah Good recounted the chaos of that night:

“It was quiet, as usual you know. You couldn’t even hear typing or pencil scratching or anything. Then, all of a sudden, bam! Grunting! When the fire alarm goes off, we all ignore it because we’re used to it. But this, this was different. It was scary. We all scrambled out as fast as we could and called Security.”

Campus Security unsuccessfully cleared the floor and took down students’ accounts of the incident. Several students were taken to the Counseling Center to receive treatment for the shock and trauma they experienced.

Following that event, several other strange noises have been reported. Junior Neva Wang described the “unsettling and bizarre” noises she heard last week around 2:30 a.m.

“It sounded like heavy breathing and whining,” she said. “Sort of like moaning. I’d never heard anything like it on D-level before so, of course, I got really scared. I ran into the stairwell and called Security immediately.”

Wang said that Security surveyed the entire D-level and found nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. She stated that while she was skeptical that Security was unable to find the source of the disturbance, she appreciated their prompt response to her distress call.

Freshman John Small explained that on his 67th consecutive night of studying on D-level, he heard squeaking noises coming from the other desk cubicles.

“Everyone knows that D-level is a silent floor — that’s just fact,” he said. “I actually wrote my Hopkins admission essay about how I planned to expand my studying habits by spending every single night on D-level. I’ve made good on my promise. Last week was the first time that I heard these strange noises. I was all alone. There was no one else in sight. And I heard this squeaking sound. At first I ignored it. But then, I heard it again. That was when I decided to call Security.”

Security officers arrived and escorted Small to B-level. Small stated that he was annoyed that he was unable to study during this time and added that B-level was far too loud for him to concentrate.

Campus Safety and Security Executive Director Lee James stated that the investigation into the strange noises is ongoing. In the meantime, he plans on installing several emergency Blue Light telephone systems on D-level to increase surveillance and security measures. A Security Alert was sent out, informing students of the incidents.

“Our students deserve to feel safe wherever they are, and that includes D-level of the library — the place that threatens our students sense of well-being on a daily basis,” he said.

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