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September 19, 2020

To begin, welcome back to Hopkins and welcome back to the sorority and Greek life takeover. Much to the chagrin of the unaffiliated portion of campus, all conversations will only focus on girl dates, rush rooms and possible future homes. From personal experience, I can wholeheartedly say that my room looks like my sorority exploded in it. There’s glitter, streamers and bows covering the floor. This can only mean one thing: Greek rush is upon us. To be precise, rush starts this Sunday, Feb. 1.

There are so many advantages to being in a sorority. I won’t be a broken record here on this column because everyone going through the rush process will hear this on repeat. However, it is so important to stress that going through recruitment was the best experience of my life. I truly found my home and a group of girls that I know I can call my sisters.

Last year, I was so nervous for rush, having known approximately nothing about the process. That’s why I am here to help for current little me’s, mind-boggled by the concept of girl flirting. For the nitty gritty details there is a Greek information session this week. I, however, am here to guide the fashion choices and help exemplify your best “you.”

Rush is one hundred percent about showing yourself. While it does not matter what you wear, I always believe that the best portrayal of self is through your wardrobe. Rush has four rounds (ice water, theme, preference night and bid night). Each round is an opportunity to show the girls in the room who you are. Eclectic, preppy, girly or sporty, each sorority wants to see you for yourself. The key to a great rush experience is to dress how you want, not how you think a sorority wants. The sorority you belong in will want you for the realest you, who is spectacular in every way.

The ice water round is meant to be incredibly casual. Here, you will be going to every sorority and having conversations about your interests. Ice water is tiring, and you will be on your feet for extensive amounts of time. For my first round, I wore a flared cotton skirt, off the shoulder French striped shirt, tights and riding boots. I did simple makeup with a bright lipstick and curled hair. For me, I wanted to stress a love of French fashion, something that was an easy segue to both my major and my love of travel. If you are a girl who loves jeans and sweaters, wear it. The key is cute, casual and comfortable. You don’t want to be squirming in heels or a too-tight skirt as you’re meeting girls for the first time. Your ideal first day of class outfit is perfect for the first day of rush.

Theme round is formally described as “business casual.” This does not mean you need to go out and buy a woman’s suit, but if that’s your style, embrace it. Theme is a cute but classic outfit. If you would wear it to a tea or a day out to the theater, your outfit is correct. Last year, I wore a flared leather skirt, Peter Pan blouse, tights and booties. My hot pink lipstick and vintage styled eye makeup cinched the outfit together. I easily could walk and talk to everyone and felt comfortable showing both the sororities and my mom my outfit. It should be classy and define you. Personally, I am incredibly girly and showed that through both my leather flared skirt and bow. Would I actually wear that to a business meeting? Probably not, but, hey, the concept is what really matters.

Preference night is formal attire. No, I don’t mean wear your tight red bodycon dress that made you the belle of the frat formal. Sororities want to see tasteful dresses that highlight your natural beauty. If your mom would throw side eye at your dress, back to the closet it goes. It can wait for Fiji formal. Typically, the sorority girls wear black and the potential new members try and wear color. Preference night is about you. The beautiful atmosphere and increasing excitement easily makes this night the most magical of rush. Preference night can also be incredibly terrifying. The best approach is to put on some Taylor Swift, get ready with your friends and just enjoy the time together. No matter what sororities you’re returning to that night, you’ll always remember the time you had together.

On Friday, Feb. 6, all your anticipation will be solved. It’s bid day, and it’s your first day wearing that g*ddamn white dress you will wear basically every weekend of spring. Wear something that represents you and that you will be proud to wear as your first outfit of your official sorority. Bid night is incredible, and it never hurts to be incredibly well-dressed too.

I know rush is scary, and the concept of talking to a stranger is terrifying. The reality is that every single girl is special in her own way. Focus on the fun parts of rush, get closer with your friends, meet new girls, keep an open mind and pick fun outfits. It’s over in one week, so embrace the time fashionably and optimistically.

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