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June 12, 2024

Due to the technology advancements of the 21st century, fashion blogging and trend watching are as accessible to us as ever. Instagram, if you don’t already know, is an application that allows us to post filtered pictures that give insight to our experiences and lives. There are many different types of “Insta-bloggers.” Recently, however, the new trend is to document all glamorous adventures through pictures of daily outfits, café meals and beauty bags.

Fashion Instagramming is an art. In order to rise to app stardom, you have to always be ready to take a picture at a moment’s notice. Quirky diners, a new pair of shoes or vintage flea markets are essential to creating a well-rounded Instagram account.

Beautiful filters and scenic day adventures turn a simple phone application into an actual art form. These bloggers become pseudo-celebrities as fashion lovers across the country cling to each post and crave the aesthetically pleasing life seen on Instagram.

@Alwaysjudging is the minimalist Instagram by Courtney Trop. A self-proclaimed “fashion blogger and Doberman lover,” Trop is a California-native with an avid love of the minimal chic. Her posts feature her white-blonde locks and striking ensembles of black, white and taupe. Each post highlights one key piece that embodies subtle fashion. Her combinations of oversized clothes and leather make her an icon to watch. Each post is sharp and chic. Working with typical New York trends, Trop stands out on the West coast.

@Kristina_Bazan features a Chloe Moretz look-alike with her girly style and long, youthful locks. This Instagram appeals to a younger, glamorous crowd. Her posts are often red carpet appearances or daily travels around cities. Her style is more sensual than that of other fashion bloggers. Nevertheless, her timeless beauty and alluring posts keep her an important follow to have on your list.

@Chiaraferragni, otherwise known as the Blonde Salad, is one of my personal favorite bloggers. Working as both an accessory designer and a model, Chiara’s life is nothing but enviable. Each week she is in a different country wearing something you could only dream of. Ferragni is the epitome of youth chic. Her ripped skinny jeans and oversized coats are effortlessly cool. When it’s time to be glamorous, the Blonde Salad graces her Instagram with immaculate beauty posts and detailed gowns. Chiara’s life is not attainable for us at Hopkins. However, a nice double like hit on her Instagram is almost as satisfying.

@Jxxsy is the Instagram of Natalie Joos, a writer and photographer for Tales of Endearment. Her activity focuses on vintage finds and travelling treasures. Slightly older than most bloggers, Joos proves that classic fashion has no age limit. Her quirkiness has remained a prevalent part of her photography and fashion choices. Chic cuts are mixed with leather vintage platforms to set her apart from the rest. Her self-portraits, constant streams of photoshoots and new vintage finds make her a necessary follow.

@Blaireadiebee is Blair Eadie’s Instagram of her “Atlantic Pacific” blog. Blair is notorious for being the epitome of girly, classic style. Unlike most Instagrammers following the minimal trends, Eadie is unafraid of revamping vintage classics. Her daily outfit posts are often bold and dramatic. Midi-length tulle skirts, beehive hair-styles and aggressive polka dots frequently rampage her page. At the same time, Eadie keeps things modern with her ironic graphic tee shirts, incorporation of leather, and pops of color amongst city landscapes. Her outfits make a statement amongst the other fashion bloggers. Across both the Atlantic and the Pacific, Eadie is a woman to watch.

@Evachen212 is my final and favorite blogger to inspect. Representing our dear Johns Hopkins, Eva Chen is now the editor-in–chief of Lucky Magazine. Her daily posts of accessories and life in the fashion industry show us both a life outside of Brody Learning Commons and the outcome of constant hard work and determination. Currently pregnant, Chen has still proven to be fabulous with her oversized men’s coats and midi-skirts. Her short bob and daily shoes-and-purse picture remind her followers that fashion and work do not have to be separate. An inspiration to us all, Chen proves her beauty and brains through her Instagram.

Instagram is vital to fashion education. Although it seems trivial, fashion is everywhere and needs to be documented. These bloggers elevate their fashion knowledge and experience by soaking in the art that surrounds them. Other fabulous bloggers include sincerelyjules, krystal_bick, devonrachel, avintagevice and lateafternoon. Each blogger brings an individual sense of who they are through what they post. Being a fashion blogger is both rewarding and skillful. If you’re truly interested in setting yourself into the fashion world, grab a camera and an Instagram. Who says Brody Atrium can’t be the perfect background to your leather and latte?

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