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Eat Your Musical Heart Out!

May 1, 2014

By Camille Ko

Going to concerts is a classic college pastime. There’s just something unforgettably magical about them: you watch your favorite artists perform in front of your eyes, see the stage lights illuminate the singing faces around you, feel the sound of the speakers pulse through your chest.  By the end of it all, you walk away from the concert hall with still-buzzing ears and an irresistible desire to sing and smile.

But as much as people like concerts, they tend to be pretty expensive.  And on a limited college budget, it can be hard to swing $60 concert tickets.  Fortunately, we – as the lucky students of Johns Hopkins that we are – have a cheaper concert alternative: Rams Head Live!

Located in the Inner Harbor, about a fifteen minute bus ride away, Rams Head Live! is an indoor music venue within Power Plant Live!  Rams Head is situated between various other bars and clubs belonging to the larger entertainment and dining section of Power Plant.  Though it’s small, Rams Head has garnered acclaim from many who have gone to see shows and from many who have performed there, including Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme.  In an interview with Pitchfork, a Chicago-based musical internet publication, Homme said that Rams Head was one of his “favorite new venues.”

Though Rams Head typically sees smaller, less well known bands, it also frequently gets visits by some big-name artists.  Last year, the venue saw Switchfoot and Panic! at the Disco, both shows which sold out within a few days of their announcement.  This weekend, on Saturday, May 3rd, All Time Low will be playing in their first return to Rams Head since their last visit during their short summer tour in 2009.

Despite its small outward appearance, Rams Head is much roomier on the inside with  26,000 square feet of floor space.  And what Rams Head lacks in space length, it definitely makes up for in height, as it has three different levels that give you various different views of the stage.  The area itself is intimate enough that you can always get a good view of the performing artists from wherever you are in the room.  That’s right – that means no nosebleed seats.

Tickets usually range from around $15 to $25, although tickets can occasionally get more expensive depending on the performer.  Rams Head also sometimes offers early bird specials where, if you buy your ticket way in advance, you can get a considerable discount on your tickets.  Tickets can either be bought in advance online or by phone, or can be bought directly at the door.

Though perhaps you won’t find some of the bigger, more popular artists visiting this venue, Rams Head is still an affordable place to get an incredible concert experience.  It’s close to Homewood and lots of fun, so check it out!

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