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May 30, 2024

Mental telepathy: an easy way to live long

By AMANDA GARCIA | April 10, 2014

Have you ever called someone and when they picked up they said they were just thinking or talking about you? It is believed that if this happens to you then you will live a very long life.

Lately, though, this has been happening fairly frequently to me, with everyone from my grandparents to friends telling me that I was already on their minds when I contacted them. It isn’t too surprising to hear something like this from my grandparents, since they are always walking around the house, swapping stories about when all of us were younger.

I don’t believe that coincidences like this will truly affect how long I live but, like with everything that I am unsure about, I looked it up on Google, which is always legit. That brought me to a whole bunch of articles about mental telepathy.

Think about this: Have you ever thought of some random person that you haven’t seen in a minute and - BOOM - you come across him or her in a hallway in Krieger, or in a check out line in Giant? The majority of you have. What about when you dreamed about someone and happened to get a text from him or her the next day? This is real, y’all!

I used to laugh it off like, “Oh wow! That’s funny!” but then I realized that it’s actually true. I kid you not, it happened to me the other day: I got an influx of texts from my sister (who I don’t talk to frequently) with pictures of my four nieces and nephews in the bathtub. As their little faces graced my phone screen, I awww’d and realized that I was thinking about them not even a few minutes before.

The same thing happened with my little brother, who’s 17 so you already know he doesn’t make anytime for his older sister. He was on my mind and then he called me up a while ago, just to tell me how well he did on his report card. He doesn’t do that…ever (although our relationship is getting better; it took a good two and a half years, but he finally forgave me for leaving home for college, so my trips home are now full of the regular wrestling and cursing, instead of him giving me the cold shoulder).

Still not with me? What about when you are staring at someone and then he or she turns to look at you? It’s because our minds tell us that someone is looking at us. After reading that, I can see how you could say I’m being dramatic, but I challenge you to creep on someone - not stalker status, just stare for a second - and watch them look at you.

If you want to test this out and have someone tell you that he or she was thinking about you when you called, I suggest calling your grandparents or other close relatives - an easy few years added on to that lifetime. You’re welcome.

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