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April 12, 2024

AskMani on money, racism, and love

By ASKMANI | April 18, 2013

Dear AskMani, Is it better to do what you love or to do what gives you the most money? Sincerely, Starving Artist

Dear Starving Artist, Ideally, I think it’s best to find a way to garner as many resources from doing what you love. Learn to integrate the things you love with areas that are profitable and you will be ahead of the game. Of course, that is easier said than done. In which case, follow your heart. Good luck!


Dear AskMani, How do I show my girlfriend that she really is beautiful and that she doesn’t have to change her hair and makeup and weight and all that stuff? Sincerely, Praising Partner

Dear Praising Partner, This is a great question. Definitely let her know verbally how you feel. Explain to her that beauty fades and trends are CONSTANTLY changing and that she looks gorgeous in her own style choices. Value her inner beauty and explain how that radiates to her exterior. Tell her why you love her!


Dear AskMani, Will racism and discrimination ever end? Sincerely, Pro-Coexistence

Dear Pro-Coexistence, I think that as long as humans can find ways to categorize themselves, there will always be some form of discrimination and/or racism present.


Dear AskMani, How do I encourage my friend through her depression? Sincerely, Concerned

Dear Concerned, It seems like you want to be a supportive friend and I applaud you for the initiative. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to keep the line of communication open between the two of you. Remind her that you are there for her and check in with her often but don’t smother her. Perhaps writing her encouraging notes can serve as a non-invasive, but supportive act. Also it wouldn’t hurt to go to the counseling center and see if they can give you specific tips.


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