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April 12, 2024

AskMani addresses crushes, self image

By ASKMANI | April 4, 2013

Dear AskMani, I just met this guy and he wants to hang out but I’m not comfortable, what should I say? Sincerely, On Edge

Dear On Edge, You should be polite and honest with him. If you don’t feel like doing something then it’s not worth it. Also in the long run, if you keep putting up a façade, will you truly be happy?


Dear AskMani, Would it hurt or benefit me to tell this guy that I like him? Sincerely, Independent Woman

Dear Independent Woman, I asked some of my male friends and they said it really depends on what kind of guy he is. If he’s a hardcore manly man you should hint at it with body language but if he’s more in tune with his emotions then you should tell him verbally. Good luck!


Dear AskMani, I’m experiencing some self-image problems. I know that I should love myself but I’m not sure how. Thoughts? Sincerely, Blind Beauty

Dear Blind Beauty, I think you should try to expose yourself to different types of beauty and learn more about other cultures. It can be hard to love yourself when you’re surrounded by one type of beauty. As you learn about other cultures, you will begin to see that beauty is subjective and it really does come from within.


Dear AskMani, Why do bad things happen to good people? Sincerely, World-weary

Dear World-weary, While I’m not sure exactly why bad things happen to good people, I do know that everyone, good and bad, experiences trials. In the end, the lessons learned help to make us better people. Good people are not perfect and can be always be better so think of it that way.


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