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October 28, 2021

So I was feeling kinda baller and decided to enter an SGA March Madness Bracket. I felt slightly less baller when the first round of tallies went up on Facebook, but mind you, I don’t actually follow basketball, as much as I enjoy it.

Anyways, the point is that despite my ineptitude when it comes to televised sports, I did manage to pick one thing right: Georgetown was supposed to win.

The Bracket gods made it very clear that they don’t actually care about stats so now us at Hopkins have more to celebrate than just an underdog triumph. Fun fact, Coach Andy Enfield holds a career scoring record at none other than our... wait for it.... very own Johnny Hops.  Is that not awesome?? Vicariously, we too have made our way into the collegiate b-balling history books as the humble D-III beginnings to a coaching sensation in the national limelight.

Just as our alumni (ehem, Bloomberg) have supported us, I’d like to support our alumni.

I’m daring a mental revamp of my bracket and placing FCGU in the Final Four. Sorry Gators, as a proud Jay, I’m backing the Gulf Coast x-factor.

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