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April 16, 2024

AskMani: On Burnout

By ASKMANI | March 14, 2013

Dear AskMani, Is it too late to get some good deals for spring break? Sincerely, Frugal On Flights

Dear Frugal On Flights, Not at all. Last minute Carribbean and Florida deals available online for groups of 2 or more.


Dear AskMani, What is the best way to keep my academic energy up? Sincerely, Burning Out

Dear Burning Out, Plan your work schedule so that you have at least one day a week that is significantly lighter than the rest. That way you can have a mini spring break every week. During this day, take the time to do something relaxing or to do an extracurricular activity. Also if you are apart of any clubs on campus, make sure to use those as outlets for academic stress.


Dear AskMani, Will I be behind if I don’t do an internship or work over the summer? Sincerely, Payday Or Vaca

Dear Payday Or Vaca, I’m assuming you mean compared to the rest of Hopkins and do know that you cannot compare yourself to anyone completely. With that said, it is good to balance your summer with relaxation (you don’t want to be burned out before fall semester) and preparation (you don’t want to lose what you learned the past year). Summer is a great time to add to your resume without the stresses of school.


Dear AskMani, I’m a freshman and I’m having a hard time fitting in ... any ideas? Sincerely, Lost In The Crowd

Dear Lost In the Crowd, Maybe you’re trying to fit into the wrong group. You shouldn’t have to put forth too much effort in order to fit in with people who accept you. In any case, I assume you have a pleasant personality. :) Try to join student groups or campus activities, as those are natural ways for students to bond.


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