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April 23, 2024

From relationships to racism: Always AskMani

By ASKMANI | February 14, 2013

Dear AskMani, My boyfriend has been pressuring me to have sex but I’m not ready, what should I do? Sincerely, Stressed

Dear Stressed, Pressuring someone to have sex is not okay in any situation.  You need to have a serious discussion with him where both of you can touch base on this issue. Hold your ground and let him know that you are not ready. If he can’t respect your decisions, then there are larger underlying issues and you may have to reconsider the relationship.

Dear AskMani, I think my professor is racist. How should I approach him? Sincerely, All For Equality

Dear All For Equality, I would not approach him concerning this issue, because of its delicate nature. If his behavior suggests racial discrimination in any way that causes you alarm, you should file an official complaint to the administration. They have the resources to properly address the matter.


Dear AskMani, What should I get my girlfriend for Valentines Day? Sincerely, Hopeless Honey

Dear Hopeless Honey, You can never go wrong with chocolate and roses. Show her that you care and get her something personal that has a deeper meaning. If her favorite color is blue and she likes rabbits then try really hard to find her a stuffed blue rabbit. I guarantee she’ll love it and she’ll never forget it.


Dear AskMani, Why isn’t there a White History Month? Sincerely, Curious Caucasian

Dear Curious Caucasian, I really have no idea.


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