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April 16, 2024

AskMani talks bdays, groups and Harlem Shake

By ASKMANI | February 28, 2013

Dear AskMani, How do you feel about gay marriage? Sincerely, Controversially Curious

Dear Controversially Curious, I feel as though this subject is rather sensitive and somewhat political in nature, and I’d rather decline answering.


Dear AskMani, What should I do for my boyfriend’s birthday? Sincerely, Clueless Boo

Dear Clueless Boo, If it’s just you two, dress up, cook him dinner and just cater to him.  Or you can gather friends together for food and music. Either way, I’m sure he’ll love it.


Dear AskMani, I’m fed up with my group project members, what should I do? Sincerely, Alone and Unaided

Dear Alone and Unaided, You should express your concerns to the group members in a tactful, clear and objective way. Try to work things out and suggest solutions. Remember that you all are in a group for a reason and you don’t want to let your goal suffer in light of the present issues. If all else fails, meet with the professor over your situation and see if you can move you to another group.


Dear AskMani, I think my boyfriend cheated on me and I don’t know what to do? Sincerely, Worried for Relationship

Dear Worried for Relationship, Have you tried asking him? I feel as though every woman has a sixth sense and knows (hopefully) when her boyfriend is lying. I don’t suggest any super stalker FBI/CIA methods because if it gets to that point then the damage has already been done. The most important thing in a relationship is communication. Sit him down. Talk it out. Decide your next move from there.


Dear AskMani, Why are African Americans mad about the new Harlem Shake? Sincerely, Shaken Up

Dear Shaken Up, I don’t think you should generalize and say that all African Americans are mad at the new Harlem Shake. I can tell you that many native New Yorkers and some African Americans do not appreciate the new version because it is a distortion of a very important piece of African American culture.


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