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April 23, 2024

From asking people out to studying prep: AskMani

By ASKMANI | November 15, 2012

Dear AskMani, How do I tell my parents I’m gay? Sincerely, Afraid of Coming out of the Closet

Dear Afraid of Coming out of the Closet, If you think your parents are ready for this information then I suggest picking a time when they’re extremely happy. Maybe after payday or after you’ve given them good news first. Then I suggest you appeal to their emotions and tell them how much you love them and what you’ve learned from them. Tell them about how you’ve thought about human sexuality and what you’ve concluded about yourself. Frame your monologue in a very simple manner so that you solicit empathy. Good luck.

Dear AskMani, Which company do you prefer for test prep, Kaplan or the Princeton Review? Sincerely, Studying Fiend

Dear Studying Fiend, I’m a Kaplan loyalist for one reason: the Princeton Review is filled with fancy frills and Kaplan actually gives you insight. As Hopkins students, we have the ability to think critically and we are equipped with basic skills to do “well enough” on a standardized test, however we need an “edge.” Kaplan gives you that edge.

Dear AskMani, I cheated on my boyfriend, with his best friend. What do I do? Sincerely, Completely Lost

Dear Completely Lost, This is one tough situation to be in. I suggest you first talk with his best friend just to reconcile what happened. If there are some hidden feelings then you really need to deal with them. In my opinion, honesty really is the best policy (even though it sucks sometimes) but at least a weight will be lifted off of your shoulders. This weight will probably be transferred to your boyfriend and you’re going to have to be sensitive to that. Make sure you verbally apologize.

Dear AskMani, I’m a freshman and a grad student wants to date me...thoughts? Sincerely, Is older always better?

Dear Is older always better?, People say age is just a number and frankly, it is. You know the pros and cons of the situation. If there is nothing sketchy about the situation and no immediate danger then, why not? Explore your options. You don’t have to agree to marry him now or anything so just see where it goes. Make sure you two can communicate well. That always helps.

Dear AskMani, I’m white and I really like this African American girl. How do I impress her and what are your thoughts on interracial dating? Sincerely, Dating Newbie

Dear Dating Newbie, I personally believe that love isn’t racist. You have to be realistic and know that if you two are together then you may have to deal with some racist people, but luckily, Hopkins is a very accepting environment. I suggest you bring down your barriers and show her who you are on the inside — at the end of the day you want someone to appreciate who you really are, right? Then let her know why you like her (a reason besides her looks is best). That should be a good start. You got this!


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