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October 28, 2021

Dominion Ice Cream: The one stop wonder

By GEORGINA RUPP | November 15, 2012

At Dominion Ice Cream, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and eat your veggies too. Located on the corner of 33rd and North Charles Street, Dominion prides itself on making great ice cream. Its website ( brags that it is “healthier without compromising good taste.”

Dominion is known in the food world for its inventive vegetable ice cream flavors, which are made with real vegetables and have all the good veggie nutrients too. The best part is that you can get your veggies in a cone!

This delicious ice cream spot close to campus offers vegetable flavors like “muscle up” spinach ice cream, “sweet tooth” sweet potato ice cream and “boney coney” tomato ice cream. Don’t like vegetables? You can get the nutrients without the tastes. Only four flavors taste distinctly like their vegetable base: cucumber, sweet corn, sweet potato and beet. General nutrition facts for a scoop of ice cream are posted on the Dominion Ice Cream web site.

I’ve been to Dominion a few times, and every time I’ve gone I’ve started by tasting an unusual or outlandish veggie flavor. I’ve had mini plastic spoon sized tastes of sweet potato and tomato, both of which, to my surprise, I actually liked a lot. Some veggie flavors are distinct and spot-on; others are disguised by ice cream creaminess, tasting more like vanilla than vegetables.

Despite the excitement of enjoying my veggies in the all-too-familiar texture of my favorite food, ice cream, I’ve always ended up caving in and ordering Cappuccino Crunch in a wafer cone. The apple pie and German chocolate flavors have gotten rave reviews from my ice cream partners-in-crime.

Dominion ice cream is made through a unique process and results in creamy deliciousness for both veggie and dessert flavors. Next time I’m determined to get a serving of one of their infamous veggie flavors!

Many students don’t know that an ice cream spot other than Cold Stone exists in Charles Village. Dominion is located at the entrance to the Blackstone. It is a small shop with one table to sit at for those that prefer not to take their ice cream on the go. When I went last, a very friendly woman who was working behind the counter helped me as I debated the various veggie flavors I wanted to taste. Unfortunately Dominion’s hours are limited. It is usually open Monday through Saturday 12-9pm, but from now until March 12 it is only open until 7pm Tuesday through Saturday.

I enjoy ice cream all year round. Even in the winter, ice cream can make a great afternoon study break. Check out Dominion, enjoy an ice cream with friends and eat your veggies too!

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