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April 16, 2024

Woody’s Taco Island Truck: A Success

By GEORGINA RUPP | October 18, 2012

If you’re in need of a new Friday food fix, look no further than the colorful and whimsical U-Haul sized truck parked on N. Charles Street. The truck is unmistakable due to its bright design depicting a flamingo, a parrot and a turtle, to name a few, enjoying tropical drinks at a tiki bar on the water. Nevertheless, it can be easy to barrel past this rainbow-hued vehicle as you hurry home after your last class of the week or rush into CharMar for yet another box of sushi because making the trek toward any other food option seems too exhausting. Next time, take a moment to stop and browse Woody’s Taco’s brief yet appetizing menu; you may realize that some Caribbean grub is the perfect capper to your week.

Woody’s Tacos has been on the road for only four months, according to the nice man who served up my chicken and fish tacos this past Friday. His flavor-packed truck stops by Hopkins every Friday and visits areas like Mt. Vernon and the Inner Harbor on other days of the week. Follow Woody’s on Twitter (@WoodysTacos) and be among the first to know of the truck’s whereabouts. If, for some reason, accepting food from structures on wheels scares instead of excites you, check out the Woody’s Taco Island storefront in Fell’s Point! (That said, food trucks are not only cool, but also a welcome diversion from daily dietary ruts.) Woody’s makes it easy to be spontaneous! Pay with your credit card (the most expensive items on the menu are the $12 fish and steak tacos) and walk away in five minutes or less with a to-go container of steaming, delicious-smelling Caribbean cuisine.

Tacos come with three per order, so I ordered two Jamaican Jerk Chickens and one Woody’s Fish ($10). They are famous for their fish tacos, so I felt obligated to try one. The fish taco fixings were superb, though my opinion may be based on the inclusion of cheese, which is one of my main food groups. However, I was disappointed by the two strips of marinated and fried tilapia that accompanied the tortilla, cheddar jack cheese, Baja slaw and pico de gallo. The fish was pretty bland, especially when compared to the Jerk Chicken, which was bursting with flavor. Be forewarned: the jerk chicken paired with jicama jalapeno slaw has a kick to it, but if you can handle your spice, don’t miss out on this one. The fried plantains sprinkled on top of this chicken taco contribute a delicious sweetness to a spicy bite.

If you can’t make it to Woody’s on Fridays, don’t give up on the JHU food truck scene. Gypsy Queen Café offers an eclectic menu, including fish tacos and chorizo tacos (in addition to burgers, donuts and falafels). Explore Polish cuisine for delicacies like pierogis without traveling off campus by stopping at the Busia’s Kitchen truck. Or get your burger fix (meat or veggie) by paying a visit to Kooper’s Chowhound, the offshoot of Kooper’s Tavern in Fells Point, on Tuesday afternoons. Have fun exploring the world of Baltimore food trucks at Hopkins, follow them all on Twitter, and arrive hungry!

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