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April 16, 2024

What exactly is your family label?

By AMANDA GARCIA | October 25, 2012

My older sister has four children. This year Ahava, Cirillo, Alejandra and Jose will be nine, three, two and one years old, respectively. She lucked out since she has the best of both worlds, two boys and two girls. Anyways, these rascals keep us all young with their endless energy. Not to mention, they’re also the ultimate form of entertainment.

Ahava is the singer. She has her mother’s gift of song, and with her singing all the time we can never forget it. Being the oldest, she also has a mom complex so she’s constantly telling the little ones what and what not to do. When she isn’t barking orders to the young ones (who love it when she yells at them even though she looks crazy when she does), she is talking our ear off. She can talk for hours about Victorious, iCarly and Justin Bieber.

Cirillo is the dancer. He got his flow from his titi! Whenever “Danza Kuduro” comes on it’s a wrap for him, he swishes those hips and starts doing half cartwheels around the sala floor. The rest of the time he is designating everyone a character from Transformers. Most of the time I’m Bumblebee because I plead with him but when he’s mad at me I’m a Decepticon.  He, of course, is always Optimus Prime. When it’s not that it’s all about Cars and Lighting McQueen.

Ale is the gymnast.  I kid you not. This girl can sleep with her feet over her head with no problems. When she falls, it’s into a split. When she tries to dance to music she ends up going into downward dog, and then going on her tiptoes and strolling around like that. While she’s the most flexible kid I know, she is also the most affectionate. I “awww” at least 10 times a day when I spend time with her. It’s those little things that get me. Whether it’s her running hands over my hair, which I love, or just looking at me and giving me the biggest smile and saying something cute.

Joselito is the giggler. He is the happiest baby and very eager to walk around, since he’s always staring at his siblings with his arms outstretched. He finds everything funny, especially my little brother since he’s the comedian. Once he starts walking and talking he might grow into another label but for more he shall remain the giggler.

All of my nieces and nephews have their own unique thing that we know them by, and my siblings and I are no different. To this day my older sister, younger brother and I are the rebel, the comedian, and the scholar. Not that people should be defined by their unique trait, but what’s your label in your family?

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