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April 16, 2024

From Making Big Money to Fashion Tips : AskMani

By ASKMANI | October 25, 2012

Dear AskMani, So I’ve been inspired by Drake’s song  “Motto” and something about “25 sitting on 25 mill” just resonated with me. I’m currently 21 and far from on pace. Do you have any advice for making $24.999999 million dollars in four years? Sincerely, I Wanna B Rich

Dear I Wanna B Rich, In order to get ahead, you need skills and connections. Also a capitalist society thrives on taking advantage of other people. Now there are honest and dishonest ways to do this. You also need to make connections and stretch your comfort zone. Now is the time to put in work because you’re fit and sharp enough to do so, however you lack the experience so get a head start!

Dear AskMani, Why do good guys finish last? Sincerely, Disheartened Good Guy

Dear Disheartened Good Guy, in my opinion good guys don’t END UP finishing last. When (if) a girl truly matures, she realizes what matters in life and the good guy ends up winning. During college a good guy might be stuck in the friend zone but trust me, he won’t be there during the 10-year reunion.

Dear AskMani, Hopkins is just too hard for me, should I transfer? Sincerely, Out of Here?

Dear Out of Here?, If you feel that the schoolwork here is a burden that you cannot bear then maybe you should consult the academic advising office. Hopkins has a lot of resources to help you with your work. If all else fails, then go ahead and transfer. Success at another school is better than failure at your current school.

Dear AskMani, I’m going out tonight, red or black heels? Sincerely, Heelp Me

Dear Heelp Me, Girl, it depends on what mood you’re in. If you want to make a statement, then go with the red heels. If you want to keep it classy, then stick with the black heels.

Dear AskMani, Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Sincerely, Curious

Dear Curious, I don’t like this debate because I feel like the two options are not opposites of each other. Pro-death is more the opposite of pro-life than anything. This country is rooted in free will and I believe that you shouldn’t restrict a woman’s choices, that is all.

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