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March 1, 2024

From Cheating to Absent Fathers: AskMani

By ASKMANI | September 27, 2012

Dear AskMani, My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex, what do I do now? Sincerely, Blindsided

Dear Blindsided, Even though you’re really hurt right now, you just have to keep things moving. Clearly his actions show his flawed character and not yours. Don’t give him the satisfaction of going back to him. You also don’t want to give him any ammunition against you by reacting in a classless manner.

Dear AskMani, I have feelings for my T.A., should I pursue her? Sincerely, Perfect Situation

Dear Perfect Situation, Priorities, man. I’m pretty sure there is a rule that you can’t date your T.A. while you’re taking his or her class/section. You don’t want to be brought to the board of ethics and cause a scandal if someone else should find out. Trust me, it’s not worth it. Postpone the feelings for now and wait until class is over.

Dear AskMani, I’ll be meeting my dad next weekend for the first time since I was a baby. Should I even give him the time of day? Sincerely, Daddy’s Girl?

Dear Daddy’s Girl? While the circumstances may be tough, you should definitely give him a chance. Hear him out and try to enjoy the time that you have with him. At least you know him. Some people have no idea who their biological father is.

Dear AskMani, Are you single? Sincerely, Hot for Mani

Dear Hot for Mani, Lol, yes I am.

Dear AskMani, My parents want me to be premed but I don’t really know what I want to do, so what should I do? Sincerely, Doctor Undecided

Dear Doctor Undecided, Try taking a few premed classes or do a medical tutorial and see if that’s something you’re interested in. You should also broaden your schedule and take classes that are in a variety of other disciplines that may seem interesting to you. My best piece of advice is to try your hand at different types of internships. That way you can see what that subject matter would be like outside of school. Then you’ll start to see yourself in some of those positions and that will guide you in terms of what route you want to take.

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