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February 25, 2024

Kali’s Mezze: A Personal Favorite

August 27, 2012

This was my first and to this day, remains to be my best experience with Mediterranean food.

Located in the center of Fells Point in Baltimore is Kali’s Mezze Restaurant. The restaurant is located along one of the many quaint cobblestoned streets in Fells Point. Although it may be looked over because of the restaurant next to it, which has tiki torches ordaining its front entrance, it provides an exquisite dining experience.

The food is served in tapas style so you and your friends can sample a little bit of everything. All of the dishes I have tried have been delightful to my taste buds. In the past, my group of friends has even been known to order a few extra dishes after our original order because we were so pleased.

The restaurant offers a diverse range of dishes. For the less adventurous there are dishes like cheese ravioli and cheese pie, while for those with more diverse tastes Mezze offers dishes like merguez. No matter your personal eating style, there is something at Mezze for everyone, and all of the dishes, from plain to complex, are equally delicious.

After various visits to Mezze and many different dishes sampled, I am pleased to say I have not come across a single one I dislike. I even sampled the merguez against my will and was surprised that for something I usually cannot stand, I found it bearable.

I have been surprised, but never in a bad way. The beef tenderloin, which sounds plain, has a delectable sauce that turns a fairly mainstream dish into something unexpected and amazing.

Their dips are also something to look out for. Before your main dishes arrive, one can pick from a variety of dips to go with their bread. The hummus is especially exceptional but there are many more options, and many unique dips that are a bit more off the beaten track.

It is clear that one can really not judge a dish by its name at Mezze. Even the most simple and tame dishes are prepared with particular care.

The atmosphere is always enchanting. There are several rooms, which makes the experience a bit more intimate but not too much so. Although, the tables could be a bit bigger, especially with the amount of dishes that a normal group orders. The chairs are all red, orange, and yellow. The contrast of these warm colors against the dark brown of the wooden tables creates a nice affect.

The service is always friendly and prompt. Most importantly, the pricing is good! It’s usually under 30 dollars per person and that’s if you order a lot of dishes. With a regular appetite, one can pay even less.

Overall, in case it wasn’t clear until now, I am in love with Kali’s Mezze. The food is exceptional, the atmosphere is nice, and the price is right. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Baltimore that has it all, look no further.

- Ellen Brait, Hip Hop Editor

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