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May 21, 2024

When we first heard that a Maryland-based restaurant devoted entirely to grilled cheese sandwiches was coming to Baltimore, we knew without a doubt that we had to visit. For avid cheese lovers, a grilled cheese restaurant is a dream come true.

If you agree, then the sandwiches here will not disappoint. Creations at this grilled cheese mecca on Light Street are, in their words (and we concur!), "grilled to perfection." Grilled Cheese & Co. provides the best combination of comfort food and ‘degustation' because of the creative options offered all in the scope of the simple grilled cheese sandwich.

While it is true that it is hard to mess up a grilled cheese, this place certainly does the American delicacy justice. Melted cheese oozed out from between two hearty slices of bread that was toasted to perfection. A plethora of cheese, in our opinion, is the key to a successful grilled cheese.

We decided to try the BCT and the Fresco. The BCT was made with cheddar cheese on thick slices of white bread loaded with crumbled bacon bits and some diced tomatoes. This sandwich was good but heavy. The center of the sandwich was so chock full of bacon that it was somewhat overpowering, but for a meat lover it may be just the thing.

We enjoyed the Fresco even more; this sandwich was served on the same white bread and made with fresh mozzarella and provolone cheeses, complete with roasted red peppers, basil pesto and a balsamic glaze. We loved this sandwich because of its great flavor. The balsamic glaze was a great addition to the ingredients and topped off the sandwich nicely.

On our next visit, we've already determined that we want to try the Smashed Meatball, served with provolone, marinara and some parmesan. We're also intrigued though admittedly skeptical about the non-savory option, Sweetest Thing, which is made with Brie, mascarpone, raspberry preserves and chocolate chips. So those with a sweet tooth are sure to be taken care of here!

Don't like grilled cheese sandwiches? Then this may not be the place for you, although there are soup and salad options to be had. Most notable is the classic grilled cheese pairing: creamy tomato soup.

What Grilled Cheese & Co. will not offer you is atmosphere. We wouldn't recommend this place for a date night, but we would highly recommend it, especially to college students, as an option for late night munchies. (It is open until 2:30 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.)

The service is quick, fast food style. We waited no more than ten minutes for our order to reach our table after paying at the counter. The sandwiches are also affordable, ranging from $5 to $8. The place is located on Light Street in Federal Hill and drew in a fairly local crowd. (We were no doubt the preppiest customers of the night.) Having opened in this location only last November, the exterior remains very unassuming and undecorated save for a small sign with the Grilled Cheese & Co. logo.

Inside, the decorations are sparse, but yellow painted walls are decorated here and there with pictures of cheese and facts about grilled cheese. Among these facts were "Americans make 2.2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches at home each year" and "30 percent of Americans name the grilled cheese ‘America's Favorite Homemade Sandwich.'"

We agree.


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